March 7, 2015

Blog Tour Promo Post: Shaken by Alyne Roberts

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It's release day for Alyne Roberts and her fantastic new romance, Shaken!! Check below for all of the fantastic release day info! And be sure to enter Alyne's giveaway!!


“After an earthquake wreaks havoc, the earth is left disturbed and altered. Whatever remains in ruin is left shaken and in need of rebuilding.”

Scarlett Brooks doesn't need love. The only men she can trust in her life are her twin brother and his two best friends, Logan and Caleb. Every other guy has only let her down, and she promises herself to never to experience heartbreak again.

Logan King can't stand back and watch his best friend's twin sister continue to spiral out of control. With random hookups, drunken nights, and reckless decisions, she is on the path to self-destruction. He sets out to slow her down and prove that she isn't happy with her one-night stands.

The two come dangerously close to crossing lines. Is Scarlett capable of trusting and opening up to love again? Will it ruin their friendship if Logan is the one to teach her how?

This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. Characters are introduced in Jolted and Impacted.


Logan's eyes went wide as he looked around from the doorway. Hundreds of red and blue Solo cups lined the floor, full of water. A cup occupied every inch of floor on the first floor. He was stuck in the doorway because I only left enough space for the door to wing open. I cackled when I did that, thinking I had it all figured out.
He finally noticed me sitting on the counter next to the sink. Logan bit his lower lip and he glared at me. I shrugged and smiled. In my brilliant planning, I blocked myself in at the sink with the cups. I was sitting on the counter with nowhere to go unless I knocked over the cups or rearranged. I didn't leave any space to actually move cups, so I was pretty screwed.
"You're home early, honey," I said sweetly.
"You're lucky I can't get to you," he mumbled as he started to pick up some cups. He quickly realized there was nothing to do with them, causing me to start laughing.
Logan spun around in a circle with a perplexed look on his face, making me laugh even harder. As I wiped tears off my face, he took some cups and dumped them in the front yard. At that rate, he would be here all night just trying to get upstairs.
"You stuck over there?" he asked me.
"A little," I admitted.
His grin made me worry as he left the house. I frantically searched for a way out of the room. I had no idea what he was up to, but it couldn't be good. When he finally appeared in the doorway, I was standing on the counter, contemplating jumping to the table.
A steady stream hit me square in the chest before I saw the massive water gun. I screamed and tried to block the cold spray. Logan laughed as he continued to soak me. The only pause in the water was when he would bend over to dump cups in a bucket he grabbed. Smarty-pants.
"Okay," I yelled. "I surrender! Please stop!"
"What's wrong? Don't like being beat at your own game?"
"The water is freezing," I managed to squeak between shivering and laughing.
Logan stopped shooting and I dared to look up and found he made a path and was standing in front of me where I sat huddled on the counter. He was biting his lip to keep from laughing but his eyes were amused.
"I'm soaked," I complained.
"Good to know I can make you wet," he threw back.
I snorted and let my legs dangle over the countertop. My clothes clung to body as the cold water seeped through my jeans and shirt, giving me goosebumps.
"You want to feel how wet you made me?" I asked, lowering my voice and licking my lips. I can play games too.
I watched his throat as he swallowed roughly and watched me wearily. I slid off the counter, touching my feet to the floor. There was barely an inch between our bodies and I could feel his breath on my face. I winked at him before throwing my arms around his neck and hugging him.
He let out a yelp of surprise when his thin shirt started to soak through with the water from me. He tried to push me off him but I only held on tighter, laughing at his discomfort and panic. I could feel the warmth of his chest on mine as he took some of the cold water from me.
When he put his arms on my sides and started to lift, I wrapped my legs around his waist to stop his escape. He cursed and fought to pry my arms off of him while I giggled and enjoyed my payback. If I was going to be cold and wet, he was going down to.
Logan pinned me against the counter and stopped struggling. "Fine. You win," he said, short of breath.
"Damn right," I said as I loosened my fingers and slid my hands to his shoulders.
I stilled, realizing the position were in and the warmth spreading through my body. His body was still pressed against mine, warming me up from the inside out. My legs were wrapped around his waist as I pulled back to find us eye-level.
"Still cold?" he asked with a knowing smirk.
"A little," I answered, sounding slightly breathless.

He leaned forward and my heart pumped faster, thinking he was going to kiss me again. His lips brushed past my cheek and tickled my ear as he whispered, "want me to warm you up?"

Alyne Roberts Bio

Alyne lives in Ohio with her husband, dog and cat. Working full time in an office all day, she spends her nights reading, writing or watching an entire TV series in a night. She refuses to grow up, loves Disney movies and anything with owls. She couldn't live without her coffee or her furry "children".

Alyne is the author of "Light to the Darkness" and the "Conflicted Encounters" Series.

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