About Me

I’m a college student with her nose in a book and I don’t mean textbooks. I love to read of faraway lands, damsels in comedic distress, with a good dose of dashing heroes. ;] I enjoy reading just about anything, but I tend to lean more towards fictional works. I haven’t read a genre that I haven’t liked, though there’s always time to find out.  Bottom line? I love to read!

Name: Lisa Hoang

Interests: reading, duh! Riding my bike, listening to music, watching TV, sleeping, photography, yoga, drinking tea, gardening, fanfiction writing in my head, shoe shopping (psst! Visit my sister blog, http://theshoeultimatum.blogspot.com/)


Movies: Pretty Woman, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Most (Disney, Dreamswork & Pixar) movies, the Harry Potter series, Chocolat, White Chicks, The Hot Chick, The Help, The Notebook, and I love me some action packed thrillers and mysteries. No Scary Movies!

Music: I’m okay with most music, though I don’t care very much for screamo emo music or hardcore rap. If it has a good beat to dance to and lyrics to tug at my heartstrings, it’s golden.

Books: Ugh always tough to choose; there’s so many!

Color: I like all colors except mustard yellow; it’s just so…mustardy. :]


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