September 28, 2013

Release Day Blitz: Spitfire by Kate Mathias

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Arie Reynolds is a strong willed, independent woman. Her life as a stuntwoman in movies is enough to keep her fulfilled. After nearly losing her life in an accident, she finds that she has a new “ability” – one that allows her to cross into a parallel reality. When she’s once again faced with her mortality, she must decide how she’ll use her ability — will it save her life or will she end up losing the one thing that matters most?

Cole Mercer is a charming firefighter who’s used to getting what he wants out of life, until he fell for Arie. Through the difficulties of her career and a seemingly impossible choice, can Arie make the right choice? Can Cole tame this spitfire’s heart or will he be the one that ends up getting burned?

Fun Facts about Author

I've been skydiving and have flown a small airplane.  
My dad's a pilot and I've taken a plane off numerous times.  
I'm an adventure junkie and love the thrill of roller coasters and anything that moves high and fast.  
I can't get enough of sweets and often have dessert after breakfast.  
I don't drink coffee or tea.  
I'm a night owl and tend to stay up every night until midnight even during the week.  
My family and friends always come first and I'm dedicated to other's happiness almost to a fault.  

Kate Mathias is former elementary teacher and real estate agent. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three children.


Prize: 5 ebook copies of Spitfire

September 25, 2013

Blog Tour Promo Post: The Sinful series by Emma Nichols

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Sin at Sea

When Alysin decided to surprise her boyfriend at work with dinner, the surprise was on her. Since he was going at it with his secretary on the conference table, she packed a bag and called her BFF. Jolie and Alysin had been traveling the country, working as digital nomads for ten years ever since graduation. Taking this as a sign it was time for a new move, they decided to take a cruise, regroup, and make a plan. Then she meets Mr. Bedroom Eyes. Following her lead, they pretend to be married so that she can rid herself of the guy who started hitting on her before the boat left the dock. Though it was supposed to be a momentary arrangement, he asks her to take it one step farther. Then another and another. The cruise promises to be memorable in every way that matters.  Along the way, Alysin learns that she won't have to fake an orgasm if she's with someone who knows what to do, that not all men suck, but the best ones suck really well, and that sometimes what starts out as something pretend, can fast become something completely real. Will the woman who lives life with no regrets, regret that she made that stupid rule about not exchanging names and contact info?

Vixen in Vegas

It was supposed to be a week of simply being, of living in the moment, and enjoying every minute while it lasted. Of course, that kind of intoxication can have lingering effects. For Sin, she found herself wanting to break all the rules, to extend her time with the stranger who stole her heart. Vegas was just the right kind of place to take such a gamble. Meeting up with BE at the gondolas was a risk. Love went against everything they had promised, but the best things in life can’t be planned.
Soon Alysin will be tested. 
After guarding her heart for so long, she finally let a man in and discovered that the worst things in life happened when she least expected them. When she walked in on BE with another woman and overheard their heated conversation, she suddenly remembered there was a reason she made these rules. 
Will broken rules lead to broken hearts or will she realize that though love was a gamble, she was all in?

What made her decide to be an erotica author?


How else was she going to parlay her two favorite past times into a career?

Emma is single and loving it. Like her first character, Alysin, Sin for short, she doesn't believe in settling or in settling down. She loves to indulge in her passions whenever the mood strikes and enjoys keeping all of life's cliche moments spicy.

Known for her sense of humor, Emma surrounds herself with friends whose antics often become the source of book fodder. Her ideal situation would be to explore the Caribbean while writing. She pursues that dream daily.


“Wow.  I really haven’t thought this through.  We’ve never moved so quickly before.  I mean, I have to call the realtor and have them find a renter for the house.  I have to call PODS and get a few storagecontainers.  Then there’s turning off all the utilities, returning the cable box, putting a hold on the mail.”  I shook my head it was
spinning so hard.

Chuckling, Jolie calmly pulled out her iPhone.  “Let’s make a list,”she said simply.

I marveled at her, sounding so calm when I felt like my head might just freaking pop off.  “Look at me.  I’m a wreck.  This isn’t me.  What happened?”  I raised my hand, exasperated and utterly disgusted with myself.

“Love,” she said seriously.  “My baby finally found love.”  With that declaration, she turned her attention to the new note she was creating.

Something in me calmed down.  I could do this.  We could do this.  In a week, I’d be starting a new life in Vegas.  If he kept his word, Mr. BE would be there, with me, a part of this new life.  That…that waswhat had me all unhinged.

I don’t do love.  Only now…with BE, maybe I did.  All I knew for certain was that one week wasn’t enough.  We had more story to tell, more life to live, more experiences to be had.  He made me feel things in a way I never had before.  He made me want things I had never wanted…like permanence.  Shoot, I might even consider breaking all my rules for him.

For this man, I would settle down because I sure as hell didn’t feel like I was settling.  He was everything I never knew I always wanted.  We knew practically nothing about each other and yet…we made sense.  Somehow, I didn’t care about his past.  All I thought about now was our future.  I just needed to survive this week.  A lot of that was going to depend on the list.

Slowly, I inhaled and exhaled a few times.  I set the cruise control on the SUV.  Finally, when I felt more relaxed, I spoke to Jolie once more.  “So, how is that list coming along?”

Nodding, she looked up at me and smiled widely.  “We’re good.  It’s all good.  You know how this works.  We’ve done this so many times before.  It doesn’t even matter that we are on a time schedule.  We’ve got this.”

Without saying another word, Jolie picked up my phone and started to place a call.  “Here,” she said, “tell the nice lady about your house.”

Blowing out another breath, I reached for the phone and began the conversation that would start it all.  We were really doing this.  We had done this before, but this time…it was more real.  This move was the scariest move ever.


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September 24, 2013

Blog Tour Promo Post: Love Interrupted by A.J. Warner

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Logan Brooks and Andrew Eastin shared a once in a lifetime love. After losing her parents and overcoming many obstacles, she could not handle the possibility of losing him, too. She loved him enough to walk away, for both of their sakes.

As tragedy strikes again, Logan is on a downward spiral. Andrew knows she needs protection from herself, and he needs to love her through it, even if only from a distance.

When fate intervenes and allows them a second chance at love, will Logan and Andrew risk it? The Attraction is undeniable. The sexual tension, relentless. She is everything he has ever wanted. He sweeps her off her feet, renewing all that was lost.

Andrew promised her forever, but can words ever be enough? Can love prevail when life has different plans—bringing on more pain and emotions than imaginable? When lies and deceit corrupt the one thing sacred to them, plans will be ruined, promises will be broken, and hearts will be shattered.
What happens when the unknown threatens all of their dreams? Will Logan and Andrew survive their love, interrupted?


He gently tipped my head back and lightly placed his mouth over mine. I felt a cool rush of liquid flow into my mouth, and drip past my bottom lip. Reflexively, my tongue shot out again, and met with his. He proceeded to slowly lap up the wayward wine, nipping, and kissing his way back up to my mouth. I shivered. Heat was pooling at my center. His lips found mine. As our tongues engaged in a dance, intertwining and caressing, his hand slowly trailed up my thigh, ushering my dress up with it. He placed his other hand at the nape of my neck. Our kiss was slow, and intimate. He was taking his time exploring my mouth. I could hear the sound of running water in the distance, maybe a stream of some sort. I was not sure but it only added to the intense moment. Andrew let out a slight growl, the sexiest sound I had ever heard.

In response, I moaned into his mouth, and Andrew lowered us both to the ground. I found myself lying on my back, feeling him hovering over me. Our mouths never parted, his hands never left my body. The kiss grew deep, intensifying with each movement. Gently grazing up the side of my thigh, his hand slowly found the elastic band to my panties and he gently slid a finger along the edge. Instantly my stomach clenched at the tingling sensation blazing across it. My breath caught when he reached the spot just below my navel. Still blind folded, my pulse quickened, and every sense in my body heightened. I needed to see his face, wanted to see him looking at me. Within seconds, I felt the blindfold slip over the top of my forehead. He took his mouth from mine long enough to look at me, another silent understanding. I was lost in him, taken away from everything but us. We were all tongues, and hands, both working in perfect unison. It was a full on make-out session. The kind that you live for when you’re sixteen; the kind that sends butterflies scurrying in your stomach. Intense sensation engulfed my entire being. I could feel his erection pressing into my thigh, and as I lifted my hips beneath him, he slowly pulled himself away from me.

Dream Cast

About the Author
A.J. was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. Four years
ago, she relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her husband and four
wonderful children, Hayden (15), Jacob (13), Riley (11), and Isaiah (10).
A.J. is passionate about working with people with
disabilities, and has a long time love of working with munchkins. She currently
owns and operates a childcare facility in North Central Texas.
When she is not busy breaking up fights about who is mom’s
favorite, or who ate the last bowl of Fruity Pebbles, A.J. enjoys reading and
writing. She also likes chatting and laughing with her book club friends. Love
Interrupted is her first book and she is currently working on her second and
third novels.

September 21, 2013

Bloggerversary Part 7: The Good, the Ugly and the Entire Truth (My experience in the writing world) by E.L. Montes

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My experience in the writing world
By: E.L. MONTES (USA Today Bestselling author of the ‘Disastrous’ series)

When I was asked to write a guest blog post for Lisa's one year bloggerversary, I was thrilled! Then I thought, what do I write about? I've never written a guest blog post before! Do I write about sex? Books? Life? Oh heck...can I mention the word "cock" without offending anyone? (If you read my books, you would know that the term "cock" is used very often). What can I say...? I love cock, um, I mean, I love to use the term “cock” :/

Then it dawned on me. My one year anniversary for publishing Disastrous is quickly approaching. Within a year, I've learned and experienced so much. And I’ve met so many wonderful people, so why not take this opportunity to write about my first year experience in the indie publishing community? Not just all the fluffy crap, but the good, the ugly and the whole truth. (for what I've witnessed, of course). In order to tell all, I must start from the beginning...

Once upon a time ... ha-ha, just kidding! No really, once upon a time, I fell in love with words. Not only the bad ones. Yes, I was that child that tested the limits and slipped out a curse or two just to see if I would get in trouble. After I did, I kind of kept to myself, but I was also that child that had trouble communicating my thoughts and feelings. Even now as an adult I stumble over my words, and my thoughts run faster than my mouth. Before I know it, those around me have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, so then I sound like a complete moron. Yet, if you place a piece of paper and a pen in my hand I’m able to write it all down, pour out my feelings, fears, and my thoughts. It turned out that was a better way to make others understand me.

When I began dating my husband (at the age of sixteen) and we had our first argument I didn't know how to express myself. He was always good at conveying his thoughts and feelings, whereas I was left stuck. I knew what I wanted to say, but when I blurted it out it just sounded confusing and messy. So I wrote it down. I have no idea why. I would sometimes even write it down in front of him and hand him the piece of paper. He would look at me and say, "Why couldn't you just say that?" I don't know. To this day I truly DO NOT KNOW. Writing is in some ways therapeutic for me.

So it was no surprise that I fell in love with reading, poetry, and writing at a young age. It was also no surprise that my fingers itched to pick up a pen or fly them across a keyboard and just write.

What, in fact, was the biggest surprise to me was finishing my first full novel.

After earning my degree in legal studies while working full-time, I landed a job as a paralegal for a mid-size law firm. Everything was going great, well at least I thought it was. I worked eight hours a day and then went home and did…nothing. That’s right, nothing. Nada. Zip. Then I thought to myself, “Is this what I worked so hard for? Spent years in college to earn a degree, land that “perfect” job, and then work to just pay bills?” Well, hell. Life to me is boring. I need more. I need to feel involved somehow. I need to express myself, get my hands dirty, do anything else and NOT just sit around and rot.

My husband and I were going through a personal, difficult time in our lives. I was told by him and many others, if I try not to think and stress about the issue, it will eventually happen for us. So I started up my desk-top, searched old manuscripts, and read through them. I hated each one. Then the idea for Marcus and Mia’s story sank in and I couldn’t stop writing.

In the middle of writing I had no idea this indie community existed with self-publishing authors, bloggers and supporting readers. When it came to my attention I researched my butt off to collect as much information as possible. I began following blogger after blogger.

Then I contacted two self-published authors and asked for advice as to where I could find an editor or proofreader and even a cover designer. After the information they so kindly provided, I was well on my way to something I didn’t know would have take off as well as it did.

I began a fan Facebook page, twitter account, and a GoodReads site. With my loyal 30 followers on Facebook (all family and friends) I watched as my likes slowly began to go higher. By the time Disastrous was released I was at a whopping 200 likes! WHOO HOO! To most, 200 likes is nothing, to me? 200 likes was HUGE!

Then the ratings began pouring in. Watching my book being torn apart and bashed all over the internet was depressing and very discouraging. At times I felt like giving up. Maybe I wasn’t meant for this life. I ugly cried myself to sleep. Yep, it wasn’t pretty whatsoever.

Though something else was happening; people, who I didn’t know, were reading my work, messaging me, and writing beautiful reviews! I was even being quoted. QUOTED! I cried. Happy tears this time. I jumped up and down, showed my husband the screen and yelled “Oh my God, look! I’m being quoted!” He had no idea what that meant to me, but to see me light up the way I did made him happy for me. I felt overjoyed and humbled that my characters and writing were being shared and loved by so many.

And you would think that it all came down to just writing. Right? Wrong. There is so much more to the writing community than just that. All I wanted to do was just, write. But the deeper you sink into the writing world, the more you the truth. As much as there are many wonderful supporting fellow authors, readers, and bloggers, there is still that one group. The backstabbers, the ones that try to break you down, beat you up and leave you for dead. The group that makes you second guess your every move. Yes, in every profession there’s no getting away from them.

Networking and marketing began taking over my life. I was more wrapped up in what the writing community was doing than actually writing. I was brought into drama that I did not want to be a part of, but there was no turning away from it. Until one day I cracked. I began losing the sense of the reason why I began it all. Yes, I’ve made many friends. Yes, I’ve met many wonderful people. And yes, there was that part inside of me that wanted more.

BUT, the moment I stopped worrying about how successful others were, about the drama, and stopped listening to all of the rants and began focusing on me and what truly mattered the most (writing), it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. My mind became clearer and my writing improved.

This profession isn’t always certain, but I’m always learning. I will continue to grow and learn. The beauty in writing is that you can express how you feel in whatever way you like as much as you like. Who cares what others think? Don’t go in to write what you think will sell, what you think will be the next best hit. Just write what story lies in your head, and pour out your heart and soul into it. That to me is far greater than anything else.

I hope I was able to express a bit of my experience in a way that will help you in the future. Whether, it is writing, blogging, or simply following a dream. Don’t give up, don’t allow yourself to fall into the wrong crowd. Just simply keep pushing for your original plan. No matter how long it takes, just be patient, eventually you’ll succeed.

 And there you have it. Words from someone who knows what's what. Thank you E.L. for taking the time to write a little something for my blog. I really appreciated it. So this wraps up my bloggerversary week. I hope everyone gets a chance to enter all of the giveaways I'm throwing. To enter my main giveaway for 3 different prize packs!  click here!

For this particular giveaway there will be 2 winners. Each winner will get an ebook of Disasterious and Cautious. This giveaway is for peeps in the USA only.

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September 20, 2013

Bloggerversary Part 6: Q & A w/ S.C. Stephens

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'Sup peeps! Today is day 6 of Bloggerversary week. We have a special interview with the fabulous S.C. Stephens!!!!! She shot into notoriety with her book Thoughtless, in 2009. That's the year I graduated high school! I wish I heard of S.C. earlier. I just finished Thoughtless after putting it off for so long and whoa! I was glad I read it. I'm halfway into the second book and I love it so far! Be sure to enter my Bloggerversary giveaway for 3 different prize packs!  click here!

~*~Q & A with S.C. Stephens~*~

CR: As an erotic romance writer, do you find the stigma of erotica or “mommy porn” hurtful to your career? To you personally?

SC: No, I’ve read a lot of hardcore stuff, and I don’t feel like my books venture into the “erotic” part of the genre. But that’s just me. They may be really graphic for some readers, not graphic enough for others. It’s all subjective, so I try not to worry about it. I just write the way I’m comfortable writing.

CR: Which character of the Thoughless trilogy do you relate to the most?  

SC: Kiera. We’re very similar in a lot of ways, although, I’m not as quick to blurt things out as she is. I clam up a lot more.

CR: Did you encounter any challenges while writing Thoughtless?

SC: Oh yeah, there were days when I wanted to scrap the whole thing, but I just kept plugging away at it, and it eventually worked itself out.

CR: The angsty love triangle is something that draws a lot of readers, but it also annoys us when the heroine can’t seem to pick one or the other. Did you find yourself rooting for Kellan or Denny?

SC: I fell pretty hard for Kellan, but I had a super soft spot for Denny, so it was hard because I loved them both, but in different ways.

CR: Despite the fact that she has the attention of two hotties, Kiera had a lot of self-doubt and confidence issues, in my opinion. Where does this come from?

SC: It came from being raised with a perfect ten sister that she never felt she lived up to looks-wise. Even though it was never a conscious thing on her parents’ part, Anna was praised for her looks, Kiera for her brains. That left a mark on Kiera’s self-esteem. And she’s just naturally more shy than Anna.

CR: The final book in the trilogy was published a while ago, but do you have any plans to continue the universe in a spin-off version or a novella?

SC: I’ve thought about writing Thoughtless through Kellan’s eyes, or doing an Anna and Griffin spin-off, but we’ll see if that happens.

CR: Do you read the reviews of the people who didn’t like your book? 

SC: For a long time, I read all of the reviews, but after a while, it just got to be too much. It was affecting my desire to write, so now I don’t read them very often. I mainly glance through them to see if there is a common complaint, something I can work on in the future.

CR: If the Thoughless series did get optioned as a TV series (or a movie), what actor would you like to see play the parts of Kiera, Kellan, Denny, etc?

SC: Oh boy. They are so specific in my head, that I have no idea, although, I’m certainly enjoying all of the fan videos featuring Devin Paisley. Very yummy.

CR: I have to ask…what’s up with the band’s name? The D-bags?

SC: I have the sense of humor of a thirteen-year-old boy. I pictured Kellan saying it to Kiera and it cracked me up, so I kept it.

CR: Will your new series be just as heart-wrenching?

SC: No, Conversion is a much lighter story. I wrote it right after Thoughtless, and I needed a break from the angst. It’s a much different story, but packed with just as much love.

~*~Lightening Round Questions~*~

CR: Favorite food?
SC: Pizza

CR: Favorite drink?
SC: Coffee

CR: Favorite guilty pleasure?
SC: A long bath with a good book and a glass of wine

CR: Favorite kind of music?
SC: I like it all—alternative, pop, rock, top 40, and recently, country.

CR: Favorite fictional boyfriend?
SC: Edward Cullen. Always and forever.
CR: Favorite cereal?
SC: Post Great Grains. The one with pumpkin seeds! Yummy!

CR: Celeb you’d like to meet?
SC: Chester Bennington or Dave Strauchman

CR: Did you ever have a fan girl moment?
SC: Yes! Recently, I went to a private performance for OneRepublic and was thisclose to Ryan Tedder. And did I say, “Your music helped inspire the character that completely changed my life?” Nope. I said, “Hey.” Lol. Fan fail.

CR: Yoga or jogging?
SC: Yoga. I’m not a runner. ;)

CR: Ice cream or gelato?
SC: Ice Cream.

CR: Cats or dogs?
SC: Goldfish. :)

CR: Biggest pet peeve?
SC: Lately, it’s people driving ten miles below the speed limit in the middle or left lane. Please move over. I’m begging you!

CR: Craziest fan reaction?
SC: I don’t get crazy fans. They’re incredibly nice, patient, and thoughtful! Sometimes nervous, but always sweet. The tattoos inspired from my books blow my mind though!

I am giving away a set of ebooks for the Thoughtless trilogy. One winner will get all three. Open to USA residents only.
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About the Author
Me and S.C. at the LA Author Event :)

S.C. Stephens is a bestselling author who enjoys spending every free moment she has creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance. Her debut novel, Thoughtless, an angst-filled love triangle charged with insurmountable passion and the unforgettable Kellan Kyle, took the literary world by storm. Amazed and surprised by the response to the release of Thoughtless in 2009, more stories were quick to follow. Stephens has been writing nonstop ever since. In addition to writing, Stephens enjoys spending lazy afternoons in the sun reading fabulous novels, loading up her iPod with writer’s block reducing music, heading out to the movies, and spending quality time with her friends and family. She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her two equally beautiful children.

Author Links

September 19, 2013

Promo Post: Carrots by Colleen Helme

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Shelby Nichols is an average woman who is married to the only guy she ever fell for. Her life is organized and predictable, revolving around her husband and two children. All that changes the day she stops at the grocery store for some carrots. As the cashier rings up her purchases, a gunman is busy robbing the bank inside the store. When a customer grabs the robber's mask, he is shot and everyone runs for cover. Everyone except Shelby, who finds herself face to face with the killer. The next thing she knows, she's lying on the floor with a bullet wound to her head. Luckily, the bullet only grazes her scalp, and she doesn't suspect any lasting affects until later, when she suddenly 'hears' what people are thinking. With this uncanny ability, her life takes on a whole new dimension. Her kids think she's bossy and too old to understand them, but that's nothing compared to her husband. He says he loves her, but what is it about the redhead at work that he doesn't want her to know? As if that isn't enough, the gunman knows she can identify him, and he's out to silence her forever. In her fight to stay alive, she is saved from certain death by a handsome hit-man with ties to organized crime. This pulls Shelby even deeper into danger, where knowing someone's thoughts can not only hurt her feelings, but get her killed.

Available for purchase at 


About the Author

 A long career as a wife and mother while juggling several part-time jobs gave Colleen the ambition to dream of being a published author, where she could put her imagination to good use. Now instead of making up stories to tell her children, she writes books they love to read. Hopefully you will too. She is the author of three romantic fantasy novels, Songbird, Flame of Destiny and The Relic. Her Shelby Nichols Adventures include Carrots, Fast Money, Lie or Die, Secrets That Kill, and Trapped By Revenge coming soon!


Bloggerversary Part Five: Q & A with Madeline Sheehan + Giveaway

at 9/19/2013 12:00:00 AM 27 comments
Hello everyone! It's day five and today's guest is none other than Madeline Sheehan, author of the Holy Trinity Trilogy and the Undeniable series. Just a few more days until the end of the week, but the giveaways are still going on. Today's prizes are 2 ebook copies of Undeniable and 2 ebook copies of Unbeautifully. Thank you Madeline for putting up 2 copies as prizes. So in total there are 4 winners! Also be sure to enter my Bloggerversary giveaway for 3 different prize packs!  click here!

~Q & A with Madeline Sheehan~

CR: As an erotic romance writer, do you find the stigma of erotica or “mommy porn” hurtful to your career? To you personally?

MS: Hmmm…. Mommy porn? I’m not sure what I write could be considered something worthy of fantasizing about since I tend to focus on the grittier, uglier side of life, with some big old helpings of pain and agony lumped alongside it… But there is sex, so I suppose it’s plausible. However, sex is a reality for the majority of the world, is it not? And if people want to call the sex in my books porn, then they obviously haven’t seen any good porn lately… I could recommend some…

CR: What made you want to write a story about bikers and their lady loves?

MS: I write about everything under the sun. But my two published series, the first is about Gypsies and the second, an underground criminal motorcycle club, and I write about because they are both very secretive sub-cultures where unless you are part of them, you are not in the know. Speculation drives my creativity and from it my stories are born. Why write about something everyone already knows about? Where is the fun in that?

CR: Did you encounter any challenges while writing The Holy Trinity trilogy?

MS: Oh yes. I wanted to stay as true to the Romani roots as possible but at the same time give it my own twist without offending anyone in the Gypsy culture. This is why I didn’t even try to even attempt at using the Romani language and end up bastardizing it. I instead chose Romanian. Out of respect. 

CR: Your Undeniable series has a similar feel to the Sons of Anarchy TV show. What’s your take on the show?

MS: I may get lynched for this, but I don’t really watch it anymore. I stopped enjoying it after a few of my favorites were killed off. It’s a great show though, stays true to the reality of certain Motorcycle Clubs…has a few hotties to ogle as well.

CR: I noticed that you have a couple of charity novellas in the works. Do you write mini stories to support the causes?

MS: I do. I’d never written a short story before and it was a challenge for me. To develop characters and plots and bring it all together in a coherent form was almost like homework. But I’m thrilled to be part of such great causes and if my stories help sell the books, I’m over the moon.

CR: Do you read the reviews of the people who didn’t like your book?

MS: I stopped reading my reviews a while back. I find it does nothing but either upset me or give me a reason to doubt my writing. Every once in a while I read them, mainly when my ARCs get sent out, but that’s it. Bad reviews take my focus off my writing and I simply can’t have that.

CR: If the Undeniable series did get optioned as a TV series (or a movie), what actor would you like to see play the parts?

MS: I’m 99.9% sure I would never sell my movie rights. I just can’t picture my stories on the big screen. My greatest fear is having them turned into “Hollywood appropriate” and that’s not what they are about to me. I won’t sign with a publisher for this very reason. I need to have 100% creative control over my stories. They are so close to me, part of me, that to see them stripped down and revamped would GUT me.

Buuuuuut, if I had to pick someone to play Deuce, it would hands down be Josh Holloway who played “Sawyer” on the television series, LOST. Those damn dimples… ;)

CR: Do you have some projects in the words that you can tell readers about?

MS: I have several. As well as the next book in both of my series, and a few short story anthologies, I have a few upcoming standalones in the works; “Too Be Like Her”, a story of infidelity and what love truly means and “The Crackwhore Diaries”…I think the title is self-explanatory.

Lightening Round Questions

CR: Favorite food?
MS: Thai food. Hands down.

CR: Favorite drink?  
MS: Water. Alcoholic: Vodka tonic with lime.

CR: Favorite guilty pleasure?
MS: Super Mario Bros with my son. ;)

CR: Favorite kind of music?
MS: Rockabilly.

CR: Favorite fictional boyfriend?
MS: Jamie Fraser (from the Outlander series)

CR: Favorite cereal?
MS: Nada. I don’t eat it.

CR: Celeb you’d like to meet?
MS: male: Mike Ness, female: Bette Midler

CR: Did you ever have a fan girl moment?
MS: No… I’m pretty quiet.

CR: Yoga or jogging?
MS: Yoga.

CR: Ice cream or gelato?
MS: Ice cream.

CR: Cats or dogs?
MS: Cats.

CR: Biggest pet peeve?
MS: My husband.

CR: Craziest fan reaction?
MS: The first time a reader sent me a picture of a quote from one of my books tattooed on them. I was floored. Amazed. Just…wow. What a great feeling.   my readers!


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About this Author

Madeline Sheehan, a Social Distortion enthusiast and devoted fan of body art, has been writing books since she was seven years old. She is the author of The Holy Trinity ebook trilogy and Best Selling  Undeniable Series.  Homegrown in Buffalo, New York, Madeline resides there with her husband and son.


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