May 31, 2013

Book Review: Slipping on Stardust by Gordon Osmond

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There's nothing like the arrival of a Hollywood star to stir the passions of the people of Johnson, a sleepy small town in Ohio. During his stay with the Johnson's most physically appealing family, the star shakes up the lives of the reigning queen of the local theatre scene, her lawyer husband, and the couple's handsome, but sexually undecided son. Add a scandal at the husband's law firm and a kidnapping with suicide demanded as ransom and you have what propels family members to New York City and Hollywood and Gordon Osmond's debut novel to its shattering conclusion.

Let me start off by saying, there were so many characters that I hated with a passion, except for Erin O'Malley and Danton Brockway. I know hate is a strong word, but I seriously hated the other charcters with a passion. Let me tell you why. Eileen Brockway is a selfish, disrespectful, catty, haughty, vain, spiteful, albeit beautiful shrew. She's the stereotypical small town girl who dreamed of being the envy of every girl in town. She's married to the greatest guy in the world, Danton, but she's still not satisfied. Throughout the book, it felt to me that her marriage to Danton was more of an accomplishment than a relationship based on love and mutual respect. He's a good-looking guy with smarts. She dreamed of making it onto the big screen and had a master plan to achieve it all, but they were thwarted by her husband, unknowingly. Her reputation as the town's top drama queen and picture perfect family makes her the envy of town, but behind closed doors, she's an unhappy wannabe star with dreams of making it big with illusions of grandeur. She's also a schemer and looks down on the other actors like she's better than them. If she was, she would have gotten her big break years ago. >:( Thankfully, she does get her comeuppance at the end of the book. 

The other female character was Inez, wife to Raul Fioravanti, attractive Italian partner in Dan's law firm. Following the death of their son, his wife became rigid, bitter, and unbearable. She had a few lines and scenes and by the end of each, I was even more disgusted by her than before. Granted, she did lose her son, but she and her husband did shun their son, David, for being gay and introducing them to Jason, his partner. To be fair, David did not gradually ease his parents into the idea of him being gay. Plenty of drama occurs in this plot line and I'm glad Raul found an appropriate happily ever after. I'm as feminist as the next blogger, but for the love of God! These women were so unhappy with their own lives that they cause misery to everyone around them.

Another character that I found completely unlikable was Adrian Conway, the so called famous Hollywood actor. To be totally honest, the man's out of his prime and suffers from the illusions that he still has an acting career. He's old news and yet he's still trying to rekindle some bit of fame. His presence in Johnson and the Brockway household stirs up scandal and drama. The fact that he had no problem having an affair with someone else's wife, coupled with his alcholism, just made not like him. Were he a real person, I would not be found within 100 feet of him,

The only characters I did like were Danton Brockway and Erin O'Malley. Dan has the patience of a saint and the smarts of a master manipulator. His reaction to his wife's extra-martial activities was too calm. I think it's the lawyer in him that wants to give his wife the benefit of the doubt. Despite his troubles at his firm about falsified documents with a case of he said-he said with his son's supposed kidnapping, I thought Dan was an awesome person with a will of steel. Erin started off dating Dan's son Kyle, another character I don't really like. She's a smart cookie! She doesn't even have to try to get men's attention; she just naturally projects a aura of intelligence and sincerity. I like her outspokenness and candor about the reality of her relationship with Kyle and  the insight she provides to Dan about his son. I must say that both Dan and Erin had surprising HEAs. For one thing I felt blindsided by it and how it was an additional "twist" in the plotline. I absolutely did not see it coming.

In the end, this book got a rating of....
5 stars!!!

The characters were immensely flawed, but that only made them more real. It was like reading a script from a telenovela. The fact that I hated most of the characters was not due to horrible writing, but to fantastic writing! They were flawed in such a way that made them real to me. All of the scandals and drama helped piece everything together perfectly. Throughout the book there were mentions of racial slurs and prejuduices from the villians of the book brought to light the ignorance that many people have when it comes to LGTB people. The language and wordplay was great. Overall this book was a great read and I hope more people will read this book. It's certainly worth reading.

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About the Author

A graduate of Columbia College and Columbia Law School, Gordon Osmond is a retired Wall Street lawyer, a produced playwright, a published author, a weekly radio host, an online play and book critic, and a lecturer.

Osmond's plays have been professionally produced through out the Unites States, where they have received rave reviews and many awards including First Prize in the John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Competition sponsored by the New England Theatre Conference.

Slipping on Stardust is Osmond's debut novel. He is currently living with the love of his life and language in Brazil.

May 29, 2013

Cover Reveal: Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason

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Pandora Ann Phillips’ life is just normal-crazy. Her mom’s psychic, her dad’s mom is a snob, her mom’s parental units are ‘too down to earth’ and her best friends are newlyweds. Okay, so her best friends being newlyweds isn’t really abnormal, but living with them in a cramped two-bedroom apartment definitely is. Sex, sex, sex, is totally on their brains. Actually, it’s not only on their brains, but it’s on the kitchen table, couch, on top of the washer…well, you get the picture. Being a celibate (not by choice, mind you) full-time college student, and working as an almost full-time barista, Pandora can’t afford to lose anymore sleep. So, she decides to seek out a new place to lay her head. Enter three ‘drool worthy’ guy models that are looking for a fourth roommate, and they want her…and won’t take no for an answer. Romantic hilarity ensues as Pandora’s life turns completely upside down, and she begins to wonder if it will ever be the same again!

Release Date: Available this Summer

Author’s Bio & Picture

Amanda Jason is the pen name for Carol Kunz’s adult romance novels. She is the C part of the mother and son author duo, C.A. Kunz. The name Amanda Jason actually has a special meaning to Carol because it is a tribute to the set of twins she lost many years ago. Carol began her dream of writing when her son, Adam, asked her to write a young adult fantasy novel back in 2011. She couldn’t have been happier to embark on this wonderful journey into the literary world with her son because it was #1 on her bucket list.

Carol currently lives in sunny Florida with her hubby and her two four-legged fur babies. She takes comfort in the fact that her amazing daughter and son live close by. When she isn’t writing, you can find her walking her yellow Lab or reading a good book. “Lucky Number Four” is the debut novel of Amanda Jason, and it’s been a long time coming.

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Blog Tour & Book Review: Her Master's Voice by Vivien Sparx

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When young Kate receives an anonymous text message she doesn't realize how much her world is about to change. Surrendering to her inner most desires Kate soon finds herself submitting to the erotic, sensual and sensitive demands of her mysterious Master. 
Drawn into a world of erotic love Kate quickly realizes all that matters in her world is Her Master's Voice.


Kate got to her knees on the living room floor and tied the red scarf around her head to blindfold herself.

In the sudden darkness Kate's senses seemed heightened. Every small sound made her flinch, and her mind quickly became overwhelmed with erotic images. Her naked skin felt cool, and yet she felt as though she was on fire. She rested her hands on her thighs. Her palms were sweating.
The silence seemed to slow time. She became aware of every new sound, and each small noise took on greater importance. Her attention was tuned to the sound of the front door, and when she heard the scrape of distant shuffling her body suddenly tensed in anticipation. A shudder thrilled through her body and her breath caught in the back of her throat.

Then she heard the door swinging slowly open.

He was here!
Kate's body tensed. She heard his soft footsteps as he crossed the room. She could feel him nearby, standing somewhere in front of her. She gulped and licked her lips nervously.

"You are perfectly safe," her Master said, and Kate felt herself literally melting at the deep confident assurance in his voice.

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

More footsteps. Kate sensed him walking around her, as if he was inspecting his new property. She straightened her back.

"You are beautiful," he said. By the sound of his voice, Kate knew he was standing close behind her. She stayed silent, and now he was here, now it was all really happening... her mind was blank. Her whole focus was on the sound of his voice and the sense of him being near her.

As you could have guessed from the title, this book revolves around a BDSM relationship between Kate and her Master. Their relationship starts from a errant text which then turns into phone conversations and ultimately leads to a surprise ending. Keep in mind that, through the story, Kate has no idea what her Master looks like. I had a small inkling of where the plot line was heading, but I was a bit surprised with the ending. I have read other BDSM books before and this felt like it was leaning more towards a romanctic notion of BDSM; opposed to a straight hardcore BDSM book with plenty of chains and whips. :D Now, here's the tiff. I felt like Kate was a drone. Going to a 9 to 5 job with no goal really insight. This isn't a really bad thing, it was complementary to her sexual awaken via her Master, but I would have preferred if she was made of stronger stuff. As for her Master? He certainly has the title down and performs (pun!) very well. Overall this book was a great read and I am looking forward to reading more from Vivien Sparx. I give this book a.....
Also, as part of the tour, there is a giveaway!!!!

5 Winners will be selected to receive an e-copy of “Her Master’s Voice”.

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Author’s Bio & Picture:

As a writer of erotic romance, the beauty of the genre is not in creating lavish settings for my stories.
Nor is my fascination for erotic romance drawn from the opportunity to create handsome heroes and beautiful heroines.
My real love for the genre stems from the opportunity to take my readers on a journey and engage as many of their emotions as possible.
I believe writing erotic romance gives authors the most influence over how a reader feels as we engage them in our stories.
Writers of action books, or horror books certainly can create compelling situations, but with erotic romance we writers can immerse our readers in a multitude of emotions unprecedented in any other form of creative fiction.
I can frustrate readers, make them laugh, make them cry, delight them, intrigue them, inform them – erotic fiction is a total emotional experience, and it is gratifying to hear readers respond to stories with passion.
I believe readers want to be engaged and drawn into the pages of a story, and as a writer of erotic romance, we have the greatest opportunity because our stories are always relatable. They may be fictional worlds and fictional characters, but the themes of love and romance and erotica are so universal, and so personal to each of us that we all respond to stories in different ways.
But we all respond.
And that’s the true joy of writing erotic romance. It matters not so much how you respond as you read… it matters only that you do respond. If a writer can engage you and make you feel, then the story’s journey is one well worth taking.
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May 27, 2013

Release Day Blitz: Avenging Angel by Cynthia Eden

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With a messed up family background and a tendency to grow claws and fangs, Tanner Chance isn’t exactly the boy next door. But he’s a decent cop, and he keeps himself on the side of the good guys. Convenient, because when he rescues a survivor of a horrific shifter attack he finds himself instantly smitten—with an honest-to-goodness angel, as innocent as she is irresistible. 
Marna may be angelic, but she’s not stupid or weak. She can take care of herself. Tanner is more temptation than protection anyway. Or so she thinks, until someone wearing her face starts taking out some of New Orleans’ more unsavory paranormals. With police and predators both gunning for her blood, Marna has no choice but to trust Tanner…even though what’s sparking between them is hotter than anything holy.

I absolutely love Cynthia Eden!!!! I remember reading my first book from her, Hotter After Midnight. (Sigh) I swear, Cynthia comes up with the most sigh-worthy heroes. I can't wait to get to reading this book! Check out the excerpt brought to you by the lovely lady herself. 

Avenging Angel” By Cynthia Eden

The delicate angel had broken.
Did she even realize that tears slid down her cheeks? Tanner Chance kept guard by her side. His hand was on her arm, stroking her.
He couldn’t seem to stop touching her.
They’d found her body in the swamp. At first, he’d thought that she was already dead.
So much blood.
Then she’d moved, and he’d realized just what his sick freak of a brother had done.
Sliced the wings right off an angel.
Her lashes lifted and her eyes, the palest blue he’d ever seen, locked right on him. No, those eyes seemed to see right through him. Tanner cleared his throat. He was a cop. He’d spent too many years seeing blank expressions like that on the faces of victims. “You…you’re safe now.” He’d keep her safe. “You just need to rest.”
She didn’t speak, and he didn’t know what else he was supposed to say to her. He never knew what to say to the victims. He just knew how to make the bastards who hurt them pay.
He was very good at delivering justice. But this time…
An angel.
She had to hate him. She knew who he was. Knew that his brother was the fucked-up asshole who’d tortured her. Tanner cleared his throat and finally managed to tell her, “I’m not like him.”
Her eyes never left his.
And he was still touching her. Her skin was the softest he’d ever felt. The smoothest. Her flesh was golden and perfect.
Or, it had been, until claws had ripped into her back and torn that flesh wide open.
Her breath exhaled softly. “When I’m stronger…”
Tanner leaned closer because he could barely hear her words. “What is it? What do you need?” Anything. He’d do—
“When I’m stronger, you should…stay away from me.”
He glanced at her small hands. They’d had to bind her wrists when they strapped her down. Not to hurt her, but to keep the little blond angel from hurting them.
The angel before him—Marna—she wasn’t some sweet and gentle guardian angel.
She was an angel of death. One who could, and had, killed with just a touch.
He could touch her all that he wanted. That was the way the game worked with angels. But the instant her hand touched him…
If she wanted him dead, all she had to do was touch him, and she could send him straight to hell.
She smiled at him. The smile made her seem even lovelier and then the angel said, “When I’m stronger, when I’m free…get as far away from me as you can.” The faintest of pauses then, “Because I’ll have my vengeance.”
She didn’t look so broken anymore.
“Remember…to run, shifter.”
He didn’t move, and he damn well kept touching her. “I’m not the running kind.” Not anymore. The scared kid he’d been had died long ago. Now he fought any bastard who came his way—and he made sure to win his battles.
His angel kept her cold smile and told him, “Wait and see…you will be…”

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Author’s Bio & Picture 

USA Today Best-selling author Cynthia Eden has written over twenty-five novels and novellas. She was named as a 2013 RITA® finalist for her paranormal romance, ANGEL IN CHAINS, and, in 2011, Cynthia Eden was a RITA finalist for her romantic suspense, DEADLY FEAR.
Cynthia is a southern girl who loves horror movies, chocolate, and happy endings.  She has always wanted to write (don’t most authors say that?), and particularly enjoys creating stories about monsters–vampires, werewolves, and even the real-life monsters that populate her romantic suspense stories.

Cynthia’s foreign sales for her books include translations to Japan, Germany, Thailand, Greece, and Brazil.
(Back in the day…) Cynthia graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Alabama where she studied Sociology (because people interest her) and Communication (because she likes to write about said people).  Cynthia has worked as a college admissions counselor, a teacher, and as an editor. But now, Cynthia is thrilled to be spending her days making up stories.

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May 26, 2013

Book Review: Furious Lust by Elise Hepner

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One mistake can change a life—let alone an eternity.
Tisiphone’s a revenge demon working for Hades in the Underworld torturing damned souls. When she escapes for three days under the sun with a human male, her leash is pulled tight. Tisiphone’s banished from the Underworld to Earth and stripped of her demonic powers. But that’s not what drives her horrendous nightmares.
Cithaeron’s human life was dedicated to revenge, until a demon walked into it. The wickedly intense, sensually destructive Tisiphone takes over his life with probing questions and haunting caresses. It’s over in a blink. After centuries of torture in Limbo, Hades brings him back for a judgment call that could change their intertwined lives—dead or alive.
Their future is in their past. Their lust can burn each other to the ground. But they’ve got to learn to work together or they’ll both go to Hell for good.

After a hard week of exams I was glad for the long weekend and looked forward to reading this book. I generally love books involving the old Greek and Roman gods, especially when the author puts a different spin on the old myths. Elise Hepner is one of those authors. Tisiphone is the heroine of the story. She's a dominatrix which kinda works out pretty well for her, given her previous occupation as a revenge demon. So the story goes girl meets guy, Cithaeron and they have a good time with each other until she kills him....not very romantic am I right? Shifted to present day, Tisiphone (who is now mortal) can't help but feel like she's been watched and stalked. And who's the stalker? None other than Cithaeron, who's now a demon. "Aeron" is back and the sexual tension was the same as it always was. 

Aeron is tasked to bring Tisiphone to her 5 year hearing in front of a board of cruel demigods. I have to say I did get a little disgusted and shocked by her form of extended punishment. I know this is a BDSM related book, but my god! Every five years she had to go through that? This time it's a little different. The board of cruel a$$holes tied Tisiphone and Aeron's spirits together and restore Tisiphone to her former demon glory, but of course they did it in the most painful way possible. From here on out, Aeron and Tisiphone explore what their relationship could have been all those years ago. They try to build a rocky friendship that complete blows up and entirely becomes one of sexual pleasure, though their turbulent feelings for each other do lead them to a more stable relationship. 

Of course this wouldn't be worth a read if there wasn't some drama and tragedy involved. And who do you think is behind it all? I am glad that through everything, Tisiphone and Aeron finally get their HEA. Overall, this book was well written, the characters were memorable, and the sexual tension was (dare I say) orgasmic. ;) I really hope Elise writes more books in this new world of hers. I generally don't go towards BDSM related books but I absolutely loved this book! This book gets......
4 stars!!!!!

Get your copy today at the following links and read other books by Elise. Judging by the looks of her goodreads page, Elise has written a lot of good stuff.

Elise Hepner writes smutty goodness for Ellora's Cave, Xcite, and Secret Cravings Publishing. She's appeared in several Cleis anthologies including 69 Stories of Sudden Sex and Best Bondage Erotica 2012. She lives with her husband and two clingy kitties in Maryland. Visit to learn more and explore her backlist.

Blog Tour Post/Guest Author Post: Where the Four Winds Collide by Hildie McQueen

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Adeline Buckley escapes her abusive father only to find herself in a brothel, on a stagecoach to the untamed west and married to a stranger, all in that order. Plotting another escape becomes harder, the more she gets to know her new husband.
Jackson Pruitt didn’t expect a secretive mail order bride to show up the same week cattle wrestlers absconded with a large part of his herd. The bigger surprise was the loveliness of the woman. Why would a beauty like her need to travel so far to marry?
Jackson and Adeline learn that secrets and marriage do not go hand-in-hand when both of their pasts comes knocking and both have to come to grips with the reality, that sometimes trust comes only after you lose it all.
In Where The Four Winds Collide, there is much tension between the Hero, Jackson Pruitt and Heroine, Adeline Buckley because they get married within minutes of meeting! As you can imagine, their first time actually speaking after the marriage, it was awkward, especially when Adeline doesn't even remember marrying him (she thought it was a dream).

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the progressive movement of their relationship, from total strangers to lovers, until finally falling in love. The reader will come along with this couple, tall hunky blond and brooding Jackson and the feisty beautiful, innocent Adeline, who are thrown together by fate into situations that will break your heart for them.  When they finally reach the point of having no choice but to be strong and find the elusive joy, do they come to terms with the reality that sometimes love does conquer what seems insurmountable.

Creating tension between Adeline and Jackson when they first met was easy since their situation was quite extraordinary. It was fun creating sexual tension between a couple that is married, but does not know each other, I’ve never done that before. Later as the story progressed it became harder for me to write, as my heart was lost to the characters,  as I took them through situations that stripped them bare, the word tension seems light when referring to this couple.

When writing historical westerns, bringing two people together often requires the writer use extreme situations because life was so hard back then, but at the same time, the love story rounds of the sharp edges of this genre because it was also a beautiful time in American history, and who doesn’t love a handsome cowboy?

When a reader enjoys this book and tells me about it, I know I did right by this couple and created just the amount of tension needed for this story.


Hello peeps! Just so you know, Hildie is doing a giveaway for an ebook copy of her book, Where the Four Winds Collide, and a $25 giftcard for Amazon; you can enter below. :D Also, below are some links to Hildie's webpages, buying links and a mini author bio. hearts;

Hildie McQueen loves storytelling and unusual settings, pair that with humor and you've got an idea of what her writing is like. She makes sure action, intrigue, and sizzling romance add up to a story, her readers won’t soon forget.  Her favorite past-times are traveling, shopping and reading. She resides in beautiful small town Georgia with her super-hero husband Kurt and two unruly Chihuahuas.


May 14, 2013

Release Day Blitz: A Soul For Vengeance by Crista McHugh

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Nothing stirs up Chaos like Vengeance.

When Prince Kell returns to Ranello, he finds his homeland in ashes. The invaders from Thallus destroyed everything he held dear, leaving him heir to a throne he can’t claim. The thirst for vengeance consumes him and drives him right into the arms of the most unlikely of rebel leaders.

Zara has fought for months to keep the hopes of the Ranellian people alive. Finding Kell is just the thing their dying rebellion needs. But as she tries to soothe Kell’s bitterness and turn him into the leader he’s meant to be, she finds herself desiring the one man she believes she’ll never have. A man whose heart was broken by a yellow-haired witch named Arden Soulbearer.

Growing up in small town Alabama, I relied on story-telling as a natural way for me to pass the time and keep my two younger sisters entertained. I currently live in the Audi-filled suburbs of Seattle with my husband and daughter, maintaining my alter ego of mild-mannered physician by day while I continue to pursue writing on nights and weekends.
I am an active member of the Romance Writers of America (including the FF&P ,Greater Seattle Chapter, ESPAN, Passionate Ink, and the Seattle EastsideChapters),  Absolute Write, and Romance Divas.
Just for laughs, here are some of the jobs I’ve had in the past to pay the bills: barista, bartender, sommelier, stagehand, actress, morgue attendant, and autopsy assistant.
And I’m also a recovering LARPer. (I blame it on my crazy college days)

You can find me at.....

Facebook author page:

Book Review: Changing Tracks by Sarah Cass

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There's nothing simple about forgetting your past.
Cole Mitchell runs the busiest saloon and brothel in Dominion Falls. He keeps his women at a distance, unwilling to relive a past he worked hard to forget.
Until the night Jane Doe falls into his saloon bleeding and near death. She wakes with no memory, only the firm belief someone tried to kill her. In the strange world of amnesia she manages to find solace in Cole's arms and he finds home in hers.
While they work together to solve the mystery of her appearance, their pasts - her lack of, and his buried - build a barrier between them.
To make matters worse, Jane's past isn't willing to let her go. A stranger proves he'll kill to keep his secrets safe. With those she loves in danger, Jane's errant memory is all that stands between them and death. Cole can only do so much to protect her, will it be enough?
First off, I did not like Cole very much at the beginning of the book. I thought he was an a-hole and I guess that was the norm for Old Western times. Quite misogynist, confident in his prowess, vulgar, and a hottie to boot, but for the most part I did not like his character one bit. I know that the reality of the situation is that he's an owner of a saloon and saloons may double as a brothel. I get that men in these positions "owned" their prostitutes like possessions, but it grates my nerves every time he ordered Daisy around. I also didn't care much for the heroine either. Despite unfortunate situation that she's in, Jane has no problem speaking her mind. That's what attracts Cole and to be honest, I have yet to read a book and not like a majority of  the characters, but this book finally broke the streak. I felt like Jane's uncensored speech was that of Elena Gilbert's "Humanity Off" persona. Though I did like how she spoke her mind, her conversations with the more conservative ladies in town made me think, "God, what a hypocritical two-faced b*tch." I know that sounds bad, but I grew to care for her brutally honest personality and she does develop a filter to screen her words before she says anything too hurtful. 

Amnesia Jane tries to learn more about the person she was and along the way "Jane" slowly becomes her own persona. With the spark she feels with Cole, she embarks on a mutually pleasurable relationship with Cole, much to the displeasure of the ladies of Dominion Falls. My like and dislike the the main couple came and went during the course of the story. Much like every other amnesia mystery story, Jane's forgotten past comes back in spades. Accusations of a heinous crime sends Jane on a mission to finally uncover the truth behind her forgotten past. This is where I start to feel bad for her. While Jane is living her life as Jane, she builds relationships with the people in town and has friends from all walks of life. The moment the town hears of the accusations against Jane, they all spurn her and turn their backs on her, with the exception of a few of Jane's closest acquaintances. Once the much loved belle of the town, Jane because a social pariah. This also takes a toll on her relationship with Cole and he says & does the douchiest things to Jane that made me not like him in the first place. At the end of the book, I respected Jane more as a person. As for's 50/50 with me. He does partially redeem himself at the end of the book, but I'm was still waiting for more.
There are many themes throughout this book. This book was riddled with ignorance, hate, mistrust, betrayal, misogyny, murder and just about everything else that made up a good read. I was hesitant in continuing beyond the first few chapters when I first started reading, but I guess it was the lure of the redeemed hero that kept me going. For the most part, I wanted to know if Cole and Jane do stick together, but what really wanted to know Daisy's fate. Her circumstances that lead to her employment at the brothel are unfortunate, but uncommon during this time. She was complacent as a prostitute, but when Jane showed up Daisy learned to have more confidence in her abilities as a doctor and as a woman. Overall this book was a good read and deserving of a rating of....
4½ STARS!!!!!
Click the links below to get your own copy today and learn more about Sarah Cass by clicking the links under her mini author bio.

Sarah Cass’s world is regularly turned upside down by her three special-needs kids and loving mate, so she breaks genre barriers, dabbling in horror, straight fiction, and urban fantasy. An ADD tendency leaves her with a variety of interests that include singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and being a photographer. She fights through the struggles of the day, knowing the battles are her crucible and though she may emerge scarred, she’s also stronger. Now officially multi-published, she’s still working on bringing new stories to fill out her year and your reading lists. While busy creating worlds and characters as real to her as her own family, she leads an active online life with her blog, Redefining Perfect, which gives a real and sometimes raw glimpses into her life and art.


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