March 13, 2015

Blog Tour Promo Post: Ontario Teen Book Festival Presents...Jessica Khoury!

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Event Information

This FREE & UNTICKETED event is hosted at Colony High School [3850 E. Riverside Drive, Ontario, CA 91761]. The event starts at 9 AM until 5 PM. More information can be found here. The event's sponsor, Once Upon A Time, will have books, t-shirts and posters available for purchase.

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 Author Spotlight: Jessica Khoury

1) What sparked your interest in writing? 

The first book I ever read--Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff. I was 4 years old at the time, and I feel instantly in love! I wrote a four page "sequel" to the book in my preschool notebook, and my teacher read it to my classmates. I was so proud and excited, and from that day on, dreamed of becoming a "real author."

2) Do you have any memorable writer experiences? 

The day I first found out Penguin had made an offer for Origin, my first book, was very memorable! My agent called me to tell me the good news, and caught me in the middle of an eye exam! I asked my optometrist if I could answer the phone, then proceeded to laugh, cry, and laugh again as my agent told me of the offer. All the while, my optometrist sat there--hearing every word through the phone--and realizing it was a special moment, he took a photo of me while I was on the call (which turned out terribly, as I was all teary and red-faced!)

3) What is your favorite writing instrument? 

My computer! I don't write by hand, unless I'm traveling and am just jotting down ideas. I always have a notebook with me for that reason. But I have bad wrists from playing piano and typing so much as a teen, so I can't write on paper for long.

4) Do you plan on writing more books for the Corpus series? 

Right now, no. But there's every chance I could revisit that world in the future and explore more of Corpus's shady experiments!

5) Who is your favorite character in the Corpus series? 

I love all my characters for different reasons (even the baddies!) but I think I love Jim Julien from Vitro the most. He's sarcastic and pretends to be in it only for himself, but he's actually very caring and loyal. Plus, he's a pilot and a rebel, which I love!

6) Who do you identify with in the Corpus series? 

Sarah Carmichael, the main character of Kalahari, shares similar traits with me. Like Sarah, I'm introverted and shy, and love animals! I'm the person who goes to a party and makes friends with the pets instead of the people, usually. And like Sarah, teen me was more comfortable around adults that my own peers, with whom I struggled to identify. Sarah learns to open up and make friends through the traumatic events she and the other high schoolers in Kalahari must endure, just like how I learned to do so through playing soccer and getting involved in drama club in school.

Lightning Round Q's

1) Favorite Dessert? Anything chocolate and peanut butter!
2) Favorite Drink? Sweet tea--southern style, of course!
3) Favorite Book? Can I name ten? No? Okay, I'll have to say Redwall by Brian Jacques.
4) Favorite Author? Lloyd Alexander
5) Favorite Clothing Store? Anthropologie
6) Favorite Stuff Animal? My one-eyed orca Keiko, which I've had since I was a toddler
7) Favorite Color? Green
8) Favorite Guilty Pleasure? Netflix. And my PS4.

About Jessica Khoury

Jessica Khoury wrote her first book at age 4, a fan fic sequel to Syd Hoff's Danny and the Dinosaur, which she scribbled on notebook paper, stapled together, and placed on the bookshelf of her preschool classroom. Since that day, she's dreamed of being an author.

When not writing, Jess enjoys spending time with family, playing video games, and traveling the world in search of stories and inspiration. 

Jess currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina. She is the author of Origin, Vitro, and forthcoming Kalahari.


Two Prizes/Two Winners: Each Winner will Win an Ontario Teen Book Fest poster signed by all attending authors. The giveaway will run from February 28th to March 20thThe giveaway is NOT  open to international entries.



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