February 28, 2015

Blog Tour Promo Post: The Hidden Library by Heather Lyons

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We are dying to jump back down the rabbit hole with Heather Lyons' THE HIDDEN LIBRARY! THE HIDDEN LIBRARY is an Adult Romantic Fairy Tale, full of adventure and fantasy and the second book in Heather’s The Collectors' Society Series! Check out the latest fantastic installment in this series that brings you some of the classics with a twist.

The Hidden LIbrary Cover

Sometimes, the rabbit hole is deeper than expected . . .Alice Reeve and Finn Van Brunt have tumbled into a life of secrets. Some secrets they share, such as their employment by the clandestine organization known as The Collectors’ Society. Other secrets they carry within them, fighting to keep buried the things that could change everything they think they know.

On the hunt for an elusive villain who is hell-bent on destroying legacies, Alice, Finn, and the rest of the Society are desperate to unravel the mysteries surrounding them. But the farther they spiral down this rabbit hole, the deeper they fall into secrets that will test their loyalties and pit them against enemies both new and old.

Secrets, they come to find, can reveal the deadliest of truths.


The book was big and heavy and seemed to take up the width of the love seat we were crammed onto, two teenagers and their mother, but Katrina didn’t mind. For such a beautiful, fragile-looking woman, she was strong. Brom would tease her about it, but that’s all it was—teasing. Everyone at the Institute knew that Katrina was the backbone of everything. Katrina had nerves of steel, and a stare that could cut down the densest forest. Her heart was massive and her belief in doing the right thing was astounding. She was strong, both physically and emotionally, and it was one of the things that I loved best about my mother.
She tried so hard with me. So, so hard. She never let me run, and the truth was, because of her, I eventually stopped wanting to. She’s the one who taught me that settling down was an okay thing. She’s the one who taught me I could let my defenses go and rely upon family. That opening up my heart didn’t mean losing myself like I once feared.
“Why is this book important?” she asked us that afternoon.
Victor looked across the space and met my eyes. He rolled his and I fought back the urge to laugh. I liked Victor. He was smart—smarter than Sawyer, but he never lorded it over me. He sounded so smart, too, and for the first few weeks I was at the Institute, I was too embarrassed to speak around him. Some of the kids in the neighborhood told me I spoke like some hillbilly hick on TV, one that should have all their teeth missing and live in the swamps with gators or have fleas or something equally horrifying and yet all too painfully realistic. I nearly got my ass kicked a number of times and a few black eyes when I did talk to those kids because language changed over the years. Attitudes and society had changed for the better. Words I grew up with were no longer okay to use, and it scared the shit out of me that I never knew that before coming to New York. I wasn’t smart like any of the rest of them. I didn’t have the schooling or upbringing they all did. It didn’t take long to realize I was that hick they said I was. But Victor, smart, clean, cultured Victor, never got on me about any of those things. Granted, Katrina would have verbally tanned his hide had he, but still.
I let Victor answer Katrina’s question, because I was afraid to say something stupid. Hell, even with all the tutors they’d hired for me, reading was still something I struggled with at that point, so it wasn’t like I could even tell either of them what the title was.
“It’s a book of fairy tales,” he said. “Popular ones.”
It wasn’t the answer she wanted, but she didn’t belittle him for it. “Why do we need fairy tales?” But before he could answer, she said, “Huck?”
Katrina was the last person I ever allowed to call me Huck, but even she stopped when I changed my name permanently.
My tongue felt thick, and I think I may have even started to sweat as they waited for my answer. I debated not answering, actually. But then I looked into her eyes and understood that she genuinely wanted to hear what I had to say.
So I told her, “They give people hope for happy endings.”
“You are so right.” She’d smiled. It was so beautiful, like that of one of the princesses’ pictured within the thick volume. I loved those smiles of hers, and she was so generous with them. “It’s funny, so many of the stories within this book are actually dark and rather violent, and yet, over time, we have come to associate fairy tales with the happiest endings we could ever imagine. This book represents the undying belief in good that people have. That’s the power of books, boys. Stories such as these endure because of hope.”
Children's and Household Tales, otherwise known as Grimm’s Fairy Tales, was the first book I voluntarily ever read once I knew how. And it was all because my mother taught me to hold on to hope.
My mother did not get a happy ending.
“They’ll pay for what they did.” My vow is quiet. Angry. “Make no mistake about that.”

Don’t miss the first book in this series, THE COLLECTORS’ SOCIETY!

The Collectors' Society front cover

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About Heather Lyons

Author Photo

Heather Lyons writes epic, heartfelt love stories and has always had a thing for words. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. She and her husband and children live in sunny Southern California and are currently working their way through every cupcakery she can find.

Website | Author Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook | THE HIDDEN LIBRARY Goodreads


Release Day Blitz: Finding Resolution by Natalie Gayle

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Book: Finding Resolution (Centre Games #4)
Author: Natalie Gayle
Release Date: February 28th, 2015
Hosted by:  Book Empire Promotions 

Finally, Dr. Jasmine Carter (Jazz) was getting her shot at
taking the lead on one of the Centre’s highly covert operations. Great,
wonderful, a dream come true even—you’d think. Well, that was until Mr. Tall, Dark,
and Broody—Quade Roston, her fellow Centre co-worker—was assigned to be her

For the last twelve months, these two had been at war. In
fact, they’d elevated trading verbal barbs to the level of an international
sport. For all the antagonism, the chemistry between them was just as strong. They
both knew it—their teammates knew it. But what the hell were they going to do
about it?

Simple—Jazz issues a challenge to Quade that she thinks he’ll
never accept nor live up to.

Then their seemingly straightforward assignment to
investigate a few cases of a mystery illness suddenly morphs into something
much more deadly. Jazz finds herself the unknowing target in the middle of a
bikie war. Now she’s dealing with threats from all corners. But maybe, just
maybe, the biggest threat will be to her heart.


He looked out over the darkened ocean. The moon cast a silvery shadow over the rippling water. Right, time to push on with the evening.
Quade headed inside, glancing at Jazz on the way past. As he approached the couch, she flipped the screen from Facebook to her email account. Ha, sprung!
His guess was she was chatting to Rihanna online.
He shot her a grin to let her know he was onto her.
“I’m off to take a shower. You’re welcome to join me if you want?”
She looked up a little sheepishly.
“Umm, you go ahead. I’m just going to finish up these emails.”
“Say hi to Brayden and Rihanna for me!” he threw over his shoulder as he retreated down the hall.
Next second, a flip-flop whistled close to his ear. He ducked and chuckled to himself.
His girl liked to play and that suited him just fine.
“Guess we need to work on your aim,” he called back to her, over his shoulder.
“That was a warning shot.”
He paused at the door to the bedroom. “Good thing you’re so accurate then. It’s not like I’m a small target.”
“I’m surprised I didn’t wing your ego in the process. It’s even bigger than you are.”
“Yeah, huge, just like my dick that you seemed to enjoy so much. Getting into the shower now.”
What he wouldn’t give to see the look on her face. Now the question was how long would she wait before she couldn’t stand it any longer and come and join him. She was so hot for him right now. She wasn’t on her own.

Buy Links

Read Books 1 - 3 of the Centre Games series!

Note: All books can be read as a Standalone

Book One: Finding Trust (Currently 99cents)


Book Two: Finding Judgement

Book Three: Finding Freedom


Natalie is the author of the Centre Games Series.  A fast paced, romantic suspense series set on the Gold Coast, Australia.  The series tells the stories of the Centre, a quasi government agency established to fight environmental, biological and agricultural threats. The Centre Games books are filled with hot alpha males and the feisty independent females strong enough to capture their hearts. Natalie’s books pack lots of action, hot romance and surprises.

A confessed readaholic and romantic junkie, Natalie spends
her time juggling a busy career as an IT professional and author.  In between staring at a computer screen (she spends lot time doing that!) Natalie, enjoys living the Gold Coast life with her very tolerant husband and two school aged children. 

She loves spending time with family and friends, hitting the beach, cooking, working out and curling up with a good book.  Her pet hates are cleaning and anything else
that can be considered “domestic dullness”. 
If she could have one wish it would be to be able to fit 48 hours into 24. 

Natalie is currently working on her fifth instalment for the Centre Games Series and a brand new series for 2015.

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads


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February 27, 2015

Blog Tour Promo Post: My Hero by Bella Love-Wins

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BOOK: My Hero (Book Four)
The Billionaire Salvation Series
By Bella Love-Wins
RELEASE DATE: January 12th, 2015

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Kate Samuel and billionaire Lieutenant Matt Lewis enjoyed a welcome escape from the criminals that want to see Kate dead.With their holiday cut short by more threats, Kate decides to face the music. Will she go again her billionaire boyfriend, and betray the one person who holds her dear to find her own peace of mind? Is Matt's protection enough to save her? 

Find out by reading MY HERO, Book 4 of The Billionaire Salvation Series. 

Note: This is the conclusion of the four-part serial. Stay tuned for more standalone and serial stories featuring Matt and Kate.

Hero: (Free) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P8FU8UY
Hero For Me: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PYURJ50
My Hero: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S77IPBE


There was so little noise outside, it was almost peaceful. No car horns. Barely any city traffic. No screaming people. Just the rustling of a slight winter breeze that wove its way around the tall buildings nearby. I closed my eyes and briefly took in the quiet. As great as it was sitting in the safety of Matt’s comforting warmth, it wasn’t long before my mind wandered back to George and Richard. They were out there somewhere.
“I’m going up to have a shower, okay?” I told Matt.
“Sure. You’re worried about them, aren’t you?”
“Yeah,” I answered. I pulled out of his embrace and stood up to go back inside.
“You go ahead,” he said. He looked at his watch. “I’ll wait until after dinner.”
I leaned down and kissed him, then went inside and up to my room. I heard the elevator chime just before I closed my door. It meant Matt would be busy, so I had some time. I took out the phone Matt gave me, and the piece of paper I had used to scribble down the phone number. I knew that eventually, Matt would find out what I was about to do. I looked at the two items in my hand, and briefly wondered how much of Matt’s trust I was about to strip away.
I thought that he’d just have to understand that I had no choice but to do this. I opened the text application of the phone and keyed in the number. I sent the simple text message.
This is Kate Samuel. What exactly do you want from me? Do you have George and Richard Wilkinson? If you do, please let them go.
I looked at the message and hesitated for a short time. I quickly hit the send button and hoped I wasn’t making things worse. There was no reply right away, so I tucked the phone and piece of paper into my purse and went to the next room to find some clothes to change into after my shower. I picked out a simple, two-piece cotton pajama pant set, and a sweater and jeans to wear the next day. I took the things back to my room and undressed in the room before going into the shower.


I left the bathroom and wore my towel to get dressed in the bedroom. Fuck, I
thought as I walked into the room.
really fucked up now. Matt was standing beside the bed. My purse was open 
on the bed and the phone he gave me was in the hand he held up to me.
“Why did you take out the phone?” I asked as I towel-dried my hair. I was doing my best to be nonchalant.
“I came up here to call you down for dinner,” he said. “The phone was ringing, so I answered.”
“Why did you do that?” Inside, my stress was mounting. I was in deep shit.
“I just gave you the phone to use an hour ago, Kate. I thought it was one of my staff or my assistant. I wasn’t going to answer at first, but it kept ringing, so I did.”
“So who was it?” I asked, pretending to be innocent.
“You know who it was, Kate,” he did nothing to contain any of his disappointment or anger. “What have you done?”
“What did they say?” I could deal with his anger another time. If they took the time to call back, there was a chance we could bargain with them.
He could barely look at me. “You just put us and your friends in more danger, Kate.” So much for diplomacy and mincing words.


“What do you mean?”
“The person on the other end said, ‘You can run but you can’t hide. You and your 
bitch are dead,’ then hung up and sent us a text with a picture of an 
amputated finger.”
I gasped in horror. “You don’t think it’s... ”
“I don’t know if they hurt your friends. I called Bateman. Get dressed. He’s on his way over. I requested that he send some officers to come and help my team keep watch.” He sat on the bed, exasperated.
“I…I’m sorry, Matt,” I admitted.
All my hope was deflated. And I felt brand new waves of guilt from my most recent transgression. I put on the sweater and jeans, knowing I would probably not be sleeping anytime soon. I sat beside him, hoping the proximity would help him understand why I did it.
“I thought I could help by trying…”
“You were wrong, Kate,” he said as he stood and began pacing the floor. “You didn’t help. You did exactly what you promised not to do only hours ago. Now they know where we are. And you’ve probably compromised whatever the police may have intended to do.”
Matt’s own phone rang and he ignored it the first time. When it rang again, he tilted it to see who was calling. It was his security team leader.  Detective Bateman was downstairs.


Kate Samuel – Shailene Woodley
Matt Lewis – Chris Hemsworth
Detective Bateman – Chris Evans
George Wilkinson – Bruce Greenwood
Richard Wilkinson – Karl Urban
Chad Bridges – Chris Pine
Joy Carrington – Scarlett Johansson

ABOUT Bella Love-Wins

Bella is a fairly new writer. She enjoys new adult and contemporary romance based on her deepest fantasies.
She is twenty-three years old and works by day as a communications analyst in a small firm. She lives north of Toronto and dreams of moving to the small town of Grimsby, Ontario one day. She loves pets and cannot wait to have a Shih Tzu as a practice kid.


Blog Tour Promo Post: The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith

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Title: The Gilded Cuff
Author: Lauren Smith
Series: Surrender Series Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Smith_TheGildedCuff_POD- High Res

Every passion has its price . . .

Journalist Sophie Ryder has been following Emery Lockwood’s story since she was a little girl. There has always been something in his haunted eyes that she couldn’t resist and now, when she’s certain he holds the key to solving a string of kidnappings, she’ll do anything to speak to him. Even if it means venturing deep into the seductive world of the Gilded Cuff, a luxurious BDSM club on Long Island’s Gold Coast and Emery’s personal playground.

From the moment Sophie enters his shadowy, sensual domain, Emery Lockwood knows this tantalizing new little sub was meant to belong to him. However, Sophie wants more from Emery than just pleasure . . . she wants his past. And that is something he isn’t willing to give—no matter who is asking. But every moment he spends with Sophie, Emery feels his control slipping and he knows it’s only a matter of time before he surrenders to her heart, body, and soul.


He kissed her with raw possession, his mouth showing her how wicked it would be between them. Wild, dark, and completely free. She wanted that more than anything, the freedom to let go, to give in to the erotic dreams she’d spent years ignoring but never had felt safe enough to give in to before. His kiss broke down every barrier, obliterated every part of herself she tried to hide. Sophie lifted her chin, offering him her mouth, pleading for him. Emery drew a quick breath, eyes widening before his lashes fell to half-mast, his gaze drawn to her lips.

When he took her lips, he dominated her with the depth of his claiming. She breathed him in, like drawing the first heavy breath upon waking from a thousand-year sleep. Sophie came alive in that single moment. The woman she’d been all these years since losing Rachel, the scared little girl fighting against the evils in the world, was gone. In her place was the woman she’d always wanted to be, a woman not afraid to live her life. She couldn’t shut this man out like she had her other friends or her family. No. He demanded she give in to him. Electric tingles pulsed outward from the places they touched, setting her senses on fire, fogging her mind. His kiss consumed her—enveloping her until she was lost, set adrift in a haze of desire, longing, and aching.

She felt his mouth tremble against hers; he seemed to strain to keep his possession under control, to bank the fires of his passion. His tongue slipped between her lips, thrusting in time with the rocking of his hips against hers in tiny circles. He gave up his control and took her over. His body weighed hers down, his hips rocking into hers. He could have done anything to her in that moment, and she’d have agreed to it. Sophie’s inner muscles clenched, empty and wet, yearning for him, but it was his kiss that was her downfall—almost brutal with craving, as though he was a thirsty man savoring his first sip of water from her mouth. All his focus, all his energy seemed to be on her, on her lips.

About the Author

Amazon best-selling author Lauren Smith is an attorney by day, author by night, who pens adventurous and edgy romance stories by the light of her smart phone flashlight app. She’s a native Oklahoman who lives with her three pets—a feisty chinchilla, sophisticated cat and dapper little schnauzer. She's won multiple awards in several romance subgenres including being an Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist and a Semi-Finalist for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award.
Connect with Lauren


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February 26, 2015

Blog Tour Promo Post: Winging It by Ashlyn Kane & Morgan James

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Gabe Martin has a simple life plan: get into the NHL and win the Stanley Cup. It doesn’t include being the first out hockey player or, worse, getting involved with one of his teammates. But things change.

Dante Baltierra is Gabe’s polar opposite—careless, reckless… shameless. But his dedication to the sport is impressive, and Gabe can overlook a lot of young-and-stupid in the name of great hockey. And Dante has a superlative ass in a sport filled with superlative asses.

Before Gabe can figure out how to deal, a tabloid throws him out of his comfortable closet into a brand-new world. Amid the emotional turmoil of invasive questions, nasty speculation, and on- and off-ice homophobia, his game suffers.

Surprisingly, it’s Dante who drags him out of it—and then drags him into something else. Nothing good can come of secretly sleeping with a teammate, especially one Gabe has feelings for. But with their captain out with an injury, a rookie in perpetual need of a hug, and the race to make the playoffs for the first time since 1995, Gabe has a lot on his plate.

He can’t be blamed for forgetting that nothing stays secret forever.

Available for purchase at 


Since the whole impending disaster was his idea, Baller insisted on paying for their tickets. Gabe let him, 

too overwhelmed by sunshine and happy families to do otherwise. Baller forked over the money, 

ushered Gabe through the stiles, grabbed a couple of maps, and then basically frog-marched Gabe onto 

the railroad.

“You are really excited about this,” Gabe observed with mounting trepidation.

Baller grinned manically and threw his arm over Gabe’s shoulders. “Disneyland, Gabe,” he said, as if that 

explained his completely bizarre behavior. Maybe it did, in his world. “We are going to have fun today if 

it kills us.”

Gabe thought it actually might.

They got off at the first stop, according to Baller’s extremely detailed plan of attack, and Baller just stood 

there for a moment, beaming, like he couldn’t imagine anywhere he’d rather be than Anaheim, 

California, in the middle of a losing streak. Gabe gave in to his own sentimentality and snapped a picture 

with his phone.

“Pirates,” Baller sighed happily, grabbing Gabe’s arm and herding him to the right. “Come on. Maybe 

they have some poor sucker dressed up as Will for you to ogle.”

Gabe was reasonably sure the people dressed in costumes were for the kids to interact with, but he 

decided to keep it to himself. Even if today did nothing more than deepen Gabe’s pit of ill-advised 

feelings for his teammate, Baller still deserved to have a good time.

As it turned out, Gabe did not have to worry about Baller having a good time. The line for the ride was 

surprisingly short, and Baller spent the whole ten minutes bouncing on his toes, peering around at the 

scenery and humming “A Pirate’s Life for Me” under his breath like a loser.

“Some days I forget you’re only twenty,” Gabe said with a self-deprecating smile as they reached the 

front of the line and took their seats on the ride. “Today’s not one of them.”

“Stop being so old for five minutes and relax. I’m trying to cheer us up.”

Gabe raised his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay. You’re in charge. I’m just along for the ride. Rides.”

Once he admitted to Baller (and himself) that he was not in charge of the situation, it made for a 

pleasant afternoon. At the end of the ride, they emerged into the sunshine again and Baller made a 

beeline for a cart selling elaborate hats to match the theme. He tossed a tricorne at Gabe, then grabbed 

something in mauve with an ostrich feather plume and shoved it on his own head. “What do you think?” 

he asked, running a finger along the brim, his eyes dancing.

Gabe wanted to kiss him, but he distracted himself by trying on his own silly hat. “Well, you’re no Will 

Turner, but I suppose you’ll do.”

Baller stuck out his tongue and forked over a handful of bills for the hat.

Baller bought them Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream for lunch, and they ate standing in the shade of a 

big tree by the Haunted Mansion.

“We going on this one too?” Gabe asked.

“Everyone knows you have to work up to Splash Mountain,” Baller said loftily. He threw his stick away 

and licked a drip of ice cream off his thumb.

It probably wasn’t purposely pornographic. Probably.

After the Indiana Jones Adventure, Baller tried to buy Gabe a fedora that looked even worse on him 

than the tricorne.

“Only douche bags wear fedoras.”

Baller smirked and took a picture with his phone. “So, no problem, then.”

Gabe made a face.

“Come on, you said I was in charge,” Baller wheedled.

“I didn’t think that meant I was going to have to cede control of my wardrobe.”

Baller rolled his eyes. “Grouch.” He tossed a headband with Mickey Mouse ears at Gabe instead. 


At least Baller hadn’t invited anyone else along to witness Gabe’s humiliation. He would definitely never 

hear the end of it if any of these pictures got out. Fifi would chirp him forever, and there’d probably be a 

whole media circus if they got caught goofing off when they couldn’t win a hockey game for love nor 


Gabe sighed internally and put on the headband.

Three and a half hours later, when they stumbled out of Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters for the fourth 

time, he was smirking. “Another rematch?”

“Screw you, no, you smug bastard.” Baller pouted, but he couldn’t hold it. His grin won out a second 

later. “Seriously, are you hiding a secret video game addiction?”

“Admit it, I just have better hand-eye coordination than you,” Gabe said, adjusting his ears as he 

preened. They were starting to hurt his head, but the deal was Baller had to wear the stupid hat as long 

as Gabe kept the ears on. Gabe wasn’t going to be the first to give in.

“That’s not what the statistics say, buddy.” Baller had pulled ahead in their points race since that game 

against the Sabres. “In fact, I—” He stopped midsentence and cocked his head at Gabe, an odd smile 

twisting his lips. He took a step closer and raised a hand to the headband. “Duck your head a little? 

You’ve got something on your…”

Gabe froze when Baller grabbed his right wrist for balance as he reached up. His hat tipped back 

precariously, but Gabe couldn’t have made a grab for it if his life depended on it. He was stuck, not 

breathing, while Baller shuffled closer until Gabe could see his pores. He brushed his fingers over Gabe’s 

mouse ears.

“I think you walked into a cobweb. You’ve got a leaf…. There.” Baller pulled his right hand away but left 

the other where it was, clasped around Gabe’s wrist. There was a papery sound as whatever he’d pulled 

from Gabe’s head hit the asphalt.

Their eyes caught.

For one eternally stupid second, Gabe thought Baller was going to kiss him.

Then the moment passed, and Baller let go and took a step back. He slapped Gabe on the arm. “Much 

better. Good thing you have me to look after you.”

Gabe forced himself to unfreeze and shake his head in mock disbelief. “Right,” he said as they started 

walking again, toward Space Mountain this time. “I’m such a handful.”

Baller snorted. “Too easy. You know better than to feed me a line like that. Come on.”

“I’ll feed you something,” Gabe promised jokingly, regaining his equilibrium.

Baller tripped over nothing on the pavement. Gabe grabbed him by the back of his shirt before he could 

take a dive. Crap. He’d gone too far.

Huffing at himself, Baller righted his hat, then poked Gabe with his elbow. “You know, I was starting to 

be afraid you were never going to make that kind of chirp again. Good to have you back.”

Sometimes I don’t understand you at all. But for once Gabe let himself be honest. “It’s good to be back.” 

Then he saw the line for Space Mountain and winced. “Good thing we have Fast Passes.” They only had 

an hour left before they had to leave the park to be back in time for team dinner.

Gabe had forgotten all about their stupid headgear by the time they returned to the hotel. When they 

walked into the lobby, Fifi looked over from the concierge desk, a gym towel slung over one of his 

shoulders, and barked out a laugh. “I guess I don’t have to ask what you got up to today.”

“We went to Disneyland!” Baller said unnecessarily. The feather on his hat flopped from one side to the 

other in time with his enthusiasm.

“No shit.” Fifi rolled his eyes and reached up to flick Gabe’s ears.

Gabe took them off.

“You’d better have plenty of energy left for the game tomorrow.”

Gabe bristled. “What? I got him home in time for curfew.”

Affecting wide-eyed, earnest innocence, Baller nodded. “Yeah, Dad. He was a total gentleman. Didn’t 

even try to steal second.”

Fifi smacked the brim of Baller’s hat down over his eyes. “Fine, fine. Hurry up and get ready for dinner or 

we’re eating without you.”

Somehow Chef snuck into his room and stole the ears while Gabe was showering, and he showed up to 

dinner wearing them, so of course he and Baller got ragged on. Gabe hoped Chef didn’t put it up on 

Twitter, but at least Gabe wouldn’t be featured wearing the ears in any pictures. The teasing only got 

worse when they begged off going out for a drink because they were both too tired to do more than flop 

on Gabe’s bed and finish watching Pirates.

“Hey, Banksy?”

“Hmm,” Gabe said. His eyes wouldn’t quite focus on the laptop screen.

“Just… thanks.”

Blinking gritty eyes, Gabe managed, “For what?”

He heard Baller answer, but the words got lost on his tired ears as he finally fell asleep.

About the Authors

 Morgan James started writing fiction before she could spell it. It was in high school that she started writing her first novel about a gay character, and she thanks the Internet for helping her realize that didn't make her crazy. Coincidentally, she also thanks the Internet for the role it plays in her long distance friendship with Ashlyn Kane. Geek, artist, archer, and fangirl, Morgan tends to while away free hours with imaginary worlds and people on pages and screens—it's an addiction. She lives in Ontario with her family and is the personal slave of three cats and a poodle (who isn't named Ringo, but who does like to poke).

You can find Morgan at 


Ashlyn Kane is a Canadian former expat who is now happy to be reunited with televised hockey at acceptable waking hours. She has reached the age of “twentysomething,” which she will be for at least the next fifteen years.

She has a bad habit of staying up too late, a husband who likes to go to bed early, and a baby brother called Miracle Whip. She is allergic to cleaning, unless you mean cleaning up manuscripts, in which case she gets a little obsessive. Feel free to drop her a line—she’s probably in front of her computer right now, since she’s attached to it at the eyeballs.

 You can find Ashlyn at 



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