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Blog Tour Promo Post: Whatever You Do by Stephanie Smith

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Title: Whatever You Do (Try Again, #2)
Author: Stephanie Smith
Release Date: January 15, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance


How do you trust someone who is everything you’re trying to avoid?

Harper Lindell is having a bad day. You know, if a bad day consists of getting fired from your cushy job and then catching your boyfriend red handed playing hide the salami.

Sick of meeting the same guys over and over, Harper decides to try her luck at Internet dating. How bad could it be? Right?

Tate Washington wasn’t looking to meet anyone. Still dealing with the consequences of his one serious relationship, all he’s interested in is revamping his family’s behind-the-times café.

He didn’t plan on seeing the beautiful receptionist from Argo again, walking into his life to use his café as a dating hub, and using him as a BFF.

Can Harper really trust Tate, who is everything she thinks she needs to steer clear of?

Can Tate wait while Harper works through her insecurities and fears?


I look over at Glenn, who has flagged down a taxi and is waiting for me with the door open. He’s good looking. Hot as fuck, actually, and it is exactly what I’m looking for. Something to take my mind off Tate. Something to take my mind off how awkward things have become between us.

“Coming, sexy?” Glenn drawls.

Giving him a tight smile, I head towards the taxi. As I’m bending to get in a hard slap comes down on my butt. I yelp in surprise and a little pain as I glance behind me at Glenn. He has a sinful smile on his face as he slowly lifts his hand to his lips, placing his index finger and middle finger on each side of his mouth and darting his tongue through them.

My face scrunches up in disgust and he chuckles at my reaction before slapping my ass one more time to send me flying into the taxi.

I scramble to the far seat and fight with the seatbelt to try to get it buckled. Glenn seats himself beside me, much too close, as he gives the driver his address. Thank goodness it’s not too far.

Before I can buckle my belt, Glenn is ripping it out of my hands and throwing it back over my shoulder as he attacks my face. I say attack because it is exactly what he does.

I cannot keep up as he devours my face, licking all around my mouth and slobbering all over my chin. I’m struggling to breathe as he pushes me back against the window and I suddenly feel like a small animal, captured by its predator.

I panic as he blocks my nasal passage while thrusting his tongue in and around my mouth, and my body instantly shuts the situation down. By which, I mean I clamp my teeth shut around his tongue and bite hard.

“Fuck,” he screams, pulling away from my face.

I’m breathing heavy as I take my first full breath in almost a minute. His face falls to my heaving chest, which is covered in a light sheen of sweat.

“Fuck, baby likes it rough.”

I gag at his sleazy tone and words, but before I can respond, Glenn is all over me again. His mouth is nothing compared to his hands as they roam all over my body. Roam is probably too tame a word. He is groping me from head to toe, pulling my hair, roughly squeezing my breasts. Hey Glenn, here’s a clue; they’re fucking attached.

He continues on, grabbing and rubbing at my crotch like a horny teenage virgin.

Thankfully, it’s not long before the taxi driver clears his throat, and we are stopped in front of an apartment building.

Glenn throws some money at the driver before stepping out of the taxi, and I consider just giving the driver my address and leaving Glenn curbside.
Try Again books

Wherever You Will Go (Try Again, #1)

Whatever You Do (Try Again, #2)

About the Author

Stephanie Smith

I'm first & foremost a reader & fangirl, I will always be first & foremost a reader & fangirl. I am on street teams, I pimp and I brag. I LOVE my Authors!!
I have recently started writing as a way to relax and spend some time for me. My first novel Wherever You Will Go is due to release later this year. I'm having so much fun writing my first story and I'm looking forward to the journey it is taking me on.


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