June 26, 2021

Blog Tour Book Review: Pug Actually by Matt Dunn

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Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear collars.

Doug’s human, Julie, has been adrift since she lost her mom (which is strange, because she’s usually pretty good with directions). Doug just wants Julie to be happy, and he doesn’t think she’s going to get there while she’s seeing her married boss, Luke. What’s worse, she’s saying if things don’t work out with Luke, she might end up like her lonely cat-lady neighbor. Horrified by the prospect of a sad Julie and untrustworthy feline companion, Doug decides it’s time for an intervention.

Despite his short legs and some communication roadblocks, Doug sets out on a quirky, sweet, and hilarious mission to find his rescuer the love she deserves. Though he doesn’t totally understand the strangeness of human relationships, he knows he can’t give up on Julie - after all, being a rescue dog works both ways…

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Disclaimer: I received a review copy from MIRA/HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review.

I like the idea of a story from an animal's POV, particularly, when dogs play cupid for their humans. Doug the Pug loves his human, Julie a.k.a the Female Lead. Unfortunately, Julie is "dating" her boss...her married boss. It irked me to no end how willfully blind Julie was to the reality of her relationship with Luke. It's a story as old as time. Both Doug and Priya, Julie's bestie, see the situation for what it is. Luke is literally having his cake and eat it too. Everyone in Julie's life, from her bestie to her father to Dot, the coffee lady, tried their best to dissuade Julie from staying with Luke, but their words go unheeded for a good chunk of the book. I do not like the FL. Julie is whiny, stubborn, and willfully blind. I found the other characters, i.e. Dot, Julie's Dad, Priya, and Doug, more likable than the FL. Tom, the Male Lead (ML) and Dot's son, is a decent guy, but I didn't really feel the chemistry between Tom and Julie. For one thing, their interactions have been one-sided. Julie's behavior and treatment of Tom, in the beginning, was rude and unpleasant. As for character development, there was little to be found. Julie spends a good chunk of the book as Luke's sidechick. Let's call a spade a spade here. Julie is Luke's sidechick, and possibly not the only one. Now, before you come for my throat, I understand that toxic relationships can warp one's perspectives and do a number on the human psyche, but Julie has her rose-colored glasses on tight. There's only so much naivety I can handle in an FL. Granted, Luke is a POS of the highest order and manipulative to boot. I would have been happier with this book if Luke's wife kicks his cheating butt to the curb, rather than her underwhelming response to her husband's cheating. Pug Actually is billed as a rom-com and there are some of both present, but it was generally underwhelming.

3.5 stars

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Matt Dunn's romantic comedy novels include The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook (shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award and the Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance), A Day at the Office (an Amazon #1 bestseller across several categories), Thirteen Dates (shortlisted for the Romantic Comedy of the Year Award), and Kindle #1 Bestseller At The Wedding. He's also written about life and love for The Times, Guardian, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Company, Elle, and The Sun. 

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