January 22, 2015

Blog Tour Book Review & Giveaway: The Vigilante's Lover by Annie Winters and Tony West

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Spies, vengeance, and one seriously well-dressed man

"If Bourne dressed like Bond and acted like Grey, you'd have Jax De Luca."

An addictive new romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy/JJ Knight

Mia trembles as she reads the letter that arrives from Ridley Prison.

Seduction. Bondage ropes. Descriptions of things Mia has never experienced or known.

The man’s words are desperately passionate. He longs for a woman who must have given him a fake address. Mia’s address.

She plans to send the letter back. He’s a convicted felon.

But his words gnaw at her. She’s never done anything dangerous. And no man has ever talked to her like this.

So Mia writes him, pretending to be the woman he desires.

It's her one dark thrill in her dull, solitary small-town life.

The man is in prison for another fifteen years.

It's harmless. She is safe enough.

Until he escapes.

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My Review

I really enjoyed this book. When I read the blurb I was into it until the part where he escapes from prison. Say what?!?! It's actually not as bad as it sounds. When I saw vigilante, I was thinking along the lines of Arrow, but this was not the case. In this book, the title of Vigilante is more synonymous to assassin. Think Mission Impossible, but with a slight BDSM romance vibe. So the main male character, Jax De Luca, breaks out of prison to get justice for himself after he is set up for murder. The irony right? This is where the leading lady comes in. Mia lives a pretty sheltered life. Her aunt took her in when her parents died and now lives in said aunt's house. At the start of the book, Mia found one letter after another from one Jax De Luca, among her recently deceased aunt's mail pile. She reads the letters to find that they are laced with hot BDSM-styled descriptions. She writes back believing that it's harmless until she wakes up one night to find herself tied to her bed and Jax De Luca standing over her. It's all a case of mistaken identity, but there's more to Mia than meets the eye and Jax is determined to find out. This books ends on a cliffhanger, but I am interested to find out what happens. :)

4 stars

About Annie Winters

Annie Winters is the new romantic suspense pen name for Deanna Roy/JJ Knight, the USA Today bestselling author of romances and serials. She teamed up with thriller writer Tony West for a new series that combines the best of romance and a heart-stopping action.




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