June 27, 2013

Book Review: Little Miss Lovesick by Kitty Bucholtz

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Sydney Riley hears voices in her head...
Voices that keep her sane and voices that drive her crazy. The one thing they all agree on - forget Dirk the Jerk and move on.
So Sydney lets her friends drag her into the wilds of Northern Michigan where Little Miss Lovesick, the loudest voice in Sydney’s head, runs into - literally - the perfect man. Is hot fishing guide Matt Engel the man to vanquish heartbreak?
With the vacation flirtation behind her, Sydney is ready to start again. Soon after, however, a difficult - and must keep - client demands Sydney work with his new contractor. Yes, one and the same Matt Engel, hotter than ever and right here in town.
But when Matt’s past comes between them, Sydney wonders how to prevent another broken heart. As the rest of her life spirals out of control, she learns that sometimes a plan isn’t enough without friends to share the load. 
Maybe together they can even help Little Miss Lovesick find what she’s been fishing for. 

So what happens when you find the perfect guy and his past comes back just in time to haunt him? Sydney Riley is recovering from Dirk the Jerk and his abrupt departure from her life. She was one of those girls who has an almighty plan with the usually white picket fence, 2.4 (apparently it's possible) kids and the perfect domestic husband. Dirk the Jerk as he was so aptly named, dumped our poor heroine because he was "in love with someone else." This coming from the guy who wouldn't commit to moving in together, but had no qualms taking Sydney's V card. To distract herself from her sorrows, Sydney and a couple of ladies are on their way to a fishing trip. On this trip, Sydney meets a hot fishing guide named Matt. The flirting between the two during the fishing trip was hilarious and cute at the same time. Poor Sydney just blurted out whatever she was think about him.

"You’re eyes are so beauti- blueti- blue,” I stuttered, “I wondered if you wore blue contacts.” I closed my eyes and yanked on my fishing line. That did sound stupid. He moved closer and lowered his voice. “You think my eyes are beautiful?” (Kindle Locations 884-887).

She's got it bad! Sydney thought she saw the last of Mr. Sexy Fishing Guide, but Fate has another thing planned for Sydney. Her boss, Perry, has a huge client that needs some work done and has Syndey working his newly hired contractor. Lo and behold, 
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The plot throughout the book was steady. Matt and Sydney's courtship is modern and cute, with phone tag. Sydney is such a "down on her luck" kind of girl. It's misfortune after misfortune for this girl, you can't help but feel some sympathy for her. I mean, dropping one's chicken sandwich and fries in a puddle is just so sad! Overall the pace was a okay, with the appropriate number of bumps along the way with a neat ending. I give this book a rating of....

4 stars!

You can get a copy of Little Miss Lovesick at the link below and read more about Kitty Bucholtz below.

About the Author

Kitty Bucholtz grew up forty miles east of Traverse City, Michigan, the setting of this book. She went to college in Traverse City, met and married the love of her life, and waved goodbye to everything she knew when she and her husband John struck out for parts unknown. 
Their adventures included going back to school, changing careers, and traveling Down Under. Kitty now writes wherever John is working on a film. They’ve spent the last two years in Sydney, Australia, where Kitty earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing degree from University of Technology, Sydney, while John made a penguin named Mumble dance. 
Only God knows where they’ll wind up next - but they’re pretty sure it will be another cool chapter in their adventure!


Christine on June 27, 2013 at 10:55 AM said...

OOH! The book sounds just perfect for a fun summer read. Thanks for the review!

Linda McLaughlin on June 28, 2013 at 6:00 PM said...

Sounds like a perfect summer read!

Kitty Bucholtz on June 28, 2013 at 9:21 PM said...

Lisa, thank you so much for the lovely review! I appreciate your time. :) Hope you enjoy it, Christine and Linda!


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