April 14, 2013

Book Review: The Sixth Key by Jeff Tucker

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A while back as some of you lovely reader might know, I attended WonderCon. WonderCon is the miniature version of the San Diego Comic Con, and they're both regulated by the same group. What I love most about conventions is how much creativity and ingenuity can fit under one roof. So many intricately designed costumes with fine details. As I walked around from booth to booth, seeing what every booth was about, I came across a small table manned by the wife of Jeff Tucker, whose book I am reviewing. First off, I had never heard of Jeff Tucker before, but after I read his book, The Sixth Key, I was glad I stopped by their table.

This book centers around Josie Turner and her mysterious summer job. While it looks like a normal gig, Josie suspects anything but. Josie is a 16 year old high school graduate without a plan for the future. Her dad is out of the picture so she lives with her absentee mom, a sales rep for a big corporation. Josie goes job hunting and takes a job as a file clerk for the Magic Castle. And this is where Josie's journey begins. She meets interesting characters like Mr. M and her new boss, Mr. Krinklewart. Day 1 on the job was quite a thrilling adventure, well as thrilling as a regular day for a file clerk to a curator might be. :D Josie is tossed into a world off magic, wonder, and mystery. Josie's job is primarily to help the curator organize all of the paperwork has piled up over the years. 

The story then goes from Josie's point of view to an account from Thomas Ransom's POV. From what I gathered, Thomas is telling his story to the curator (back in 1886). Thomas is searching for his infant son, Jack. He's named Jack Ransom. I think Throughout the book the POVs flip from Thomas to Josie to Thomas' son Jack.

I really liked this book, despite my intense dislike for constant fast forward and time skipping in books; Jeff Tucker makes it work. Everything from Thomas and Jack's time period is entwined with Josie's story. There's a mystery in Jack's story about his father and with the help of Mr. Ree, his father's trusted servant, he hopes to uncover the mystery. I recommend this book to everyone looking for an adventure within an adventure. :D

I give this book a rating of..... (drumroll).
4.5 stars!


Unknown on April 15, 2013 at 8:52 AM said...

You wrote "wife of Jeff Tucker, who's book I am reviewing." I think you meant to spell that as "whose".


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