December 10, 2012

Blog Tour Stop: Impulse by Dannika Dark

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Hey there peeps! Lisa here with a special author interview post. Today I have the honor of interviewing Dannika Dark, author of the Mageri series. Dannika, welcome to the Consummate Reader. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee before we begin? [I'd love a cup of coffee] Alrighty, here you go. Now, this is only my second author interview I've ever done, so let's make it awesomesauce! 

First question, when did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

Looking back to even when I was a kid, I always wanted to be a writer. I didn’t grow up thinking that was going to be my profession, because you’re supposed to get those 9-5 office jobs with benefits and a 401K. I wrote a lot of stories about magic when I was a kid, and then it progressed to post-apocalyptic stories. The “What If” always fascinated me. However, I’ll admit that I went through a very long phase of poetry, and always imagined that this would be what I was known for. Well, except for the stint in late high school when I was going to be a lyricist for rock bands. ;-)

Do you have a muse that helps you with your Mageri series? If so, describe.

My characters are my muse. When a great character is developed, they not only can be the inspiration for the story that I’m writing, but also give me ideas for another book or series. It’s happened on numerous occasions. I’ve always had an extremely overactive imagination. Even if I’m sitting in line somewhere, my mind is making up “movie quality” scenarios that would make my wait much more interesting if they actually happened. I remember once at Jury duty spending two hours in the hallway talking to a guy about “What ifs”. We were literally sitting there making up scenes that could happen to make our day more interesting, just like a couple of kids.  I really hated being a kid and having a teacher snap me out of a daydream, telling me to focus. We should never discourage kids from using their imagination. Sometimes my characters come to life in one of my daydreams, and I carry them with me through the day. “What would Justus do?” “What would Simon do in this situation?” Having them in my pocket totally inspires me in writing out scenes and developing fresh ideas for new stories.

You've written three books for the Mageri series now, and the third one was recently released. How happy are you with readers’ responses to Impluse?

I’m doing a virtual Snoopy dance. I couldn’t be more pleased with the reviews, emails, and comments I’ve received. Each book in the series, I’m always taking chances with the storyline and characters. As a writer, you wonder how the fans will embrace each book, because sometimes a reader can be very opinionated on where they want the direction to go. But I have to say, the response has far exceeded my expectations. It’s made every process of this journey worth it.

Do you have a level of awesomeness you want to achieve when it comes to writing?

I’d love to be able to branch out into more genres. While I absolutely love the world of paranormal, I’d love to have a horror or straight fiction up my sleeve someday. I’m already mixing genres and trying to keep it versatile, but I think awesomeness would be in how many readers I could reach with my writing, and perhaps they would crossover into my other genres and give them a try. I’d love to be the gateway drug for readers to step into the world of paranormal through one of my other books. Few things are better than when I hear a reader say: “I’ve never read paranormal before, but I loved this series.”

So, as I've said, Impluse was recently released. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Impulse is book three in The Mageri Series, which revolves around a woman who is transformed into a Mage against her will. She was once human, just like us, and suddenly discovers that a secret world of immortals exist. Vampires, Relics, Shifters… you name it. I’ve not only incorporated familiar Breeds, but developed new ones. Silver (our protagonist) is living under the care of her Ghuardian, Justus. She’s trying to figure out where she belongs in this world. In Impulse, she finds herself in a relationship that’s getting intense, but she has no idea just how intense until a truth begins to unravel. She also discovers a box that contains information that could be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. One man wants to know what it is, and he’s the same man who has been pursuing Silver because she has a unique energy within her that’s strong and addictive. This is an evolving storyline that continues through the series, and Impulse also reveals a lot of insight behind some of our main characters. Action, romance, passion, mystery – I think it has a little of something for everyone. Each book has subtle details that readers are beginning to pick up on during re-reads. There are lots of theories floating about, but you’ll have to wait until the next books to find out what happens next.

Excellent! Now it's time for a lightening round!

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Caramel, with swirls of caramel and chocolate chunks! Throw in toffee and I’ll be your BFF for life.

Number 1 guilty pleasure?
Watching reality cooking shows

Favorite quote from your series?
“I want your fingerprints all over me like a crime scene.”

Favorite drink? alcohol or otherwise
Strawberry Daiquiri

Audiobook or paperback?
Paperback (But I swear, if audiobooks had different actors for each character voice, I’d be all over that)

Thanks so much for having me!

Give it up for Dannika Dark!!! (clapping) Now here's a snippet from Impluse:

Both hands cupped my face and his forehead touched mine.
“I was made to protect you, female. I’ve claimed you, whether you accept it or not, and it’s an honor that I take very seriously. If any male lays an unwanted finger on you, I will break it. If you hunger, I will feed you. If you’re cold, then I will warm you with my body. If you’re taken from me, then I’ll track you. Never doubt my devotion to you.” He gripped my head firmly. “I once gave a woman my heart, because that’s all I had to give. But you, Silver, you’re the pulse that keeps me alive. I was a soft man once, but no more. I don’t know if you can accept the man that I’ve become, because all I have to offer you is my life.

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More on Dannika Dark: please visit her website here


Anonymous said...

Great interview and thank you for hosting this tour!!

lisa K buchanan said...

I love that Dannika is always thinking about her charcters and the what ifs. It means there will be more and more for us to read. Great questions Lisa we learned a little bit more about one of our favorite authors.

NinaLillard on December 10, 2012 at 6:16 AM said...

I always enjoy interviews with Dannika and this time was awesome(+)! There were great questions asked and I had fun learning more about her.
I like the blog, the layout is pretty cool but the aqua color for the answers made it a little bit hard to read (I hope no one gets upset for my saying that).
Thank you for hosting the blog tour, it has been a blast.

The Consummate Reader on December 10, 2012 at 9:50 AM said...

@NinaLillard thanks for the compliment! I changed the color just for you. :D

NinaLillard on December 10, 2012 at 1:06 PM said...

Thank you so very much. I appreciate your changing the color to accomodate my old lady eye sight :) Muwah!!

Unknown on December 10, 2012 at 10:49 PM said...

Huge fan of this series. If you haven't checked them out yet, Go now and start. You will not regret it.


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